Is this an act of self-love?

Self-love doesn’t come naturally to most of us but until you can accept and care for and yes, even love yourself, you won’t be able to share your love and joy with your loved ones and unsuspecting members of the public. But what does self-love look like and how can we achieve it? Perhaps it looks like Beyonce and Nicky Minaj performing “I’m feeling myself”, but it is achievable by us mere mortals too and you can start with the following;

What do I need right now? If you’ve read my blog, (and thank you muchly for this dear reader) you’ll know I’m a big fan of a monk-like routine but sometimes your mind, body or spirit may be telling you something else. I had a bout of illness a few weeks ago and had to concede that my body was telling me to rest, to hit the snooze, to skip the workout, to eat toast and drink tea (bread? I asked myself. Are you crazy?!) But yes I insisted ‘with vegemite on it. And Earl Grey tea’ (Not herbal?! ) Sometimes eating the chocolate is an act of self-love and other times eating the broccoli is. You need to tune in 101 MYSELF FM to find out what it is you need at that moment in time. And yes I was right about the toast and tea, they comforted me marvelous much.

Does this spark joy? This is what you ask yourself when you’re Marie Kondo-ing the sh*t out of your place but it’s also what you can ask yourself about your weekend plans, routines and purchases. Sometimes you may feel the excitement of people, colour and movement in the outside world will spark joy. At other times, the couch and ‘Midsomer Murders’ on the ABC are what you truly desire. Likewise for decisions such as shower or bath? Gym or yoga? Taylor Swift or The Smiths? It’s also amazing how investing in quality things can make a big difference; a luxurious hand-soap, a big towel, not-being-so-stingy with the heater. These investments can spark joy and are acts of self-love.

Treat yo-self: You can be loving towards yourself in lots of different ways. Author and happiness seeker Gretchen Rubin, suggests making a list of non-food treats. Treats are small pleasures or indulgences that are specific to you and that you give to yourself just because you want to. For example, one of her treats is to go to the library. I think this is one of mine too (nerd alert)! Other ones of mine are to go for a walk, have a bath, pat the cat (if she’s obliging), read a book or watch a funny show. You can also plan some bigger treats like getting your nails or hair did or having a massage.

My Kinesiologist suggested I check in with myself regularly and ask, ‘is this an act of self-love?’ Different things are self-loving and joy-bringing on different days. You cannot pour from an empty cup, so do what fills you up. Nothing good comes from a place of lack. So have the toast, buy the expensive soap and peruse the goods in the library (or whatever works for you!). These simple acts of self-love will impact on you and inspire others and you’ll soon be singing; I’m feelin’ myself, I’m feelin’ myself ,I’m feelin’ my, feelin’ myself.

Love and light and occasional vegemite toast xxx  Yvette

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