Be a Badass

I’m a total convert to Badassery after reading Jen Sincero’s excellent book, “You are a Badass at Making Money”. I love the sass, spirit and practicality as she debunks money blocks and calls us to action. See exert below about the way many of us think we can’t simultaneously be rich and enjoy life:

If you partake in the pursuit of wealth, it’s not like you shall never again attend a family barbecue, hug a puppy or tiptoe through the tulips. In fact, if you do it correctly, you’ll be able to afford to spend even more time on such merriments. And do it in style! Not to mention pay for the gas to get to the family barbecue, buy the hot dogs, show up wearing clothes, and marvel at Uncle Carl’s famous card tricks unfettered by thoughts of your crushing debt or how you’re going to hit him up for a loan to cover your rent this month as soon as he’s had a few beers.

At the end of each chapter there is a mantra, questions to answer and actions to try. One of my favourites is, “I love money and money loves me” and I found it powerful to write down my what my whys are for getting rich and 3 reasons that each is stronger than my fear.

  • To be free-grounded in security, ability to travel, say yes/no to what I want.
  • To be a role-model for females-to empower others, to make myself proud, show that gentle badassery is possible.
  • Don’t die with your music inside of you-shine my light, lead with light, no future regrets.

Reminding myself of these daily makes for a great mindset.

I’m also trying her suggestion to, “Place your focus on abundance and strengthen your faith by giving away money every day for 29 days. Give as little as a nickel or as much as you can in whatever way you can”. Some ways I’ve done this;

  • Donated to charity
  • Given tips in cafes
  • Bought presents/ picked up tab with friends
  • Purchased Fundraising Raffle tickets.

Giving and generosity is a fun vibe to be in and has me looking for creative and different ways to do this daily.

How can you be more badass? I can definitely recommend checking out this book and the rest of Jen’s work. After all,

 “We all have seeds of unthinkable badassery inside of us, yet only some of us will allow ourselves to grow”.

 Love and light and you are a badass at making money xxx Yvette

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