The Feeling is Neutral

“Everything in this Universe is attraction based… When you shout “No!” at those things you do not want, you are actually inviting those unwanted things into your experience. When you shout “Yes!” at those things you do want, you are actually inviting those wanted things into your experience”-Abraham Hicks

Switzerland has brought us many good things like delicious Toblerone, snazzy army knives, bank accounts for billionaires and King Roger Federer. It is also famous as a neutral nation who doesn’t take sides. Much personal development is centred around being positive but we can benefit from taking a nougaty chunk of neutrality from our Swiss Freunde.

A topic like money can be triggering for many of us, it can take time to move up the emotional scale from storms to sunshine so it is helpful to reach for a more general place of neutrality. If we reframe it with neutrality; Money isn’t good or bad, it is just a tool. How much money someone else has/spends doesn’t affect me, it takes away the charge and you can detach from the emotional roller coaster and sit pretty on the Ferris Wheel.

Also-don’t hate the player. If other people have you want, don’t let it cue cries of ‘it’s not fair’ and green-eyed thoughts. Instead use it as proof that what you want is possible, probable and actually is here right now. Say, ‘that’s for me’. ‘Gorgeous, gorgeous girls are rich’. Main character behaviour. 

If you’re affirming things like ‘I am a millionaire’ and you feel a bit of a pushback as your brain responds, ‘No you’re not’, you can try mixing your affirmations in with neutral factual comments. ‘My cat is sleeping. It’s hot today. I have millions of dollars. My shirt is blue’. Eventually you mix in more of your desires and these take on the same neutrality and truthfulness as the everyday facts.

“I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there”- Mother Teresa.

Words have power. Instead of saying, “I’m never sick”, you could say, “I am always healthy” as your subconscious is always listening. Fighting fire with fire doesn’t work as you bring energy and attention to it and often get more of what you don’t what, burning down the house.

There is also a shift from Body Positivity to Body Neutrality. Instead of focusing on loving your body no matter what, body neutrality is a philosophy that focuses on what your body can do for you. This is much more accessible to many of us and takes away the punch of body obsession.  Yet another example of how being nicely neutral like the Swiss is helpful.

So, try shifting to a neutral feeling and enjoy feeling more naturally aligned with your desires.

Love and light and the hills are alive xxx Yvette

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  1. An interesting way to look at things!
    Swiss cheese, what do you mean, hard? No full of holes… As basil and the major would say 😜.
    Thanks for the blog darl! 😘

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