Greetings weavers! I love happiness. Don’t you?! I was nominated for the happiest award by Beauty by Carolina who posts awesome beauty stuff on her wonderful blog. Check it out friendsies! Merci beaucoup  for the nomination!

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Thehappiestpixel created this award in celebration of her reaching 500 followers.

Tell us your favourite:

Place: The couch with a cat in my lap and a cuppa in hand!

Film/ TV Show: “Withnail and I” and “Midsomer Murders”. 

Song: “Heaven knows I’m miserable now” by The Smiths. 

Activity: Walking

Drink: Bulletproof coffee

Food: Beef stroganoff

Holiday: I demand to go to Japan!

Book: Fiction; “Brideshead Revisted” by Evelyn Waugh Non-fiction-“You can heal you life” by Louise Hay 

Favourite post:Stone Cold Sober


A small wardrobe

Good and Goodbye

Law of attraction lover

PT Contender

Courageous Yoga Chick

Please accept your nomination if you wish and Wait till the morning we’ll go in together.

Love and light and happiness for all xxx Yvette