I recently had some Sydney friends come to visit ye olde Melbourne town. This gave me the perfect opportunity to be a tourist in my own city. I have to give the cookie to Marcel Proust for putting it so beautifully; “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”  It was wonderful to see inspiration in the familiar and realise there’s always more to do/ see and try without setting foot in another state (although jumping between Albury–Wodonga sounds fun for another time). My new eyes took in:

The Footy: I went to the footy like a real life person! I didn’t grow up with the footy. I don’t really have a team and when asked I used to say Carlton as that was the closest suburb to Brunswick where I lived when I first moved down. That’s how it works right? Well now I can say my team is the Swannies! I enjoyed the freezing sensation of the Friday night footy at the MCG and I loved every minute of it. The tea! The chips! The people watching! The colourful team colours. The short shorts. The crowd cam. The chants and the cheers. And the Swans won-hurrah! I will wear my beanie with pride and provoke some interesting conversations around town no doubt.

Collingwood Collingwood up to no good: A delicious lunch was had at the Japanese place at the convent. The best miso ever! This was preceded by a walk around the fabulous grounds-the greenery, the archways, the visions of nuns. Hallelujah! Not to mention the well fed ponies, goats and sheep we encountered as we walked through the Collingwood Children’s Farm (the free bit). Later that day, another delicious Asian inspired meal was had at Shop Ramen (https://www.broadsheet.com.au/melbourne/restaurants/shop-ramen). The best beef brisket bun (or perhaps the only beef brisket bun) I’ve ever had the pleasure of consuming followed by the Chicken Ramen. I felt trendy as others lined up and stared with envy through the window. I felt watched and I felt satiated. Yummy winter fare.

Daylesford daytrip: Into Grace, my trusty Toyota steed, we went into the woods into the countryside and into Daylesford. Are we outta the woods yet? Are we outta the woods? Are we outta the woods? So scenic, so pretty, like a little toy town or a reminder of ‘the old country’. But it twas bitter cold so we took in toast and tea and browsed the bookshop and then it was time to ‘get thee to a nunnery’ so off to the convent we fled for art and history and a random sighting of Alison Brahe and Cameron Daddo. I can happily report gorgeousness and handsome-ness. (Whatta you got-you got a perfect match) Next a restorative bathe in the springs. Relaxing, warm and with an amazing view. (http://www.visitvictoria.com/Regions/Daylesford-and-the-Macedon-Ranges)

How marvellous it was to dine around the world, try new things like footy and remember how close the countryside is to Melbourne town. It’s given me a renewed love for Melbourne and I’ve now started a list of things I want to do/ see/ try and eat in Melbourne for weekend inspiration. Have you tried holidaying at home? You simply must dear reader!

Love and light and cheer, cheer the red and the white xxx Yvette