Am I good luck Chuck?

Every man I’ve dated in my foray into the online dating world seems to have ended up in a committed relationship with a special someone they met after going on a date with me. This has me thinking…am I good luck Chuck? In the quality 2007 movie “Good Luck Chuck”, all Charlie’s ex-girlfriends find true… Continue reading Am I good luck Chuck?

Love Bombing

I usually say oms not bombs but I’d change my tune for love bombs. Everything is better showered in and softened by love bomb dust. The boffins at insta must’ve been reading my mind when they created the ‘Heart Eyes’ filter. You can’t help but feel loved-up when you imagine love arrows and hearts coming… Continue reading Love Bombing

Best of the Blog 1: Dating

Dating served as inspo for some of my most-read bloggies this year. Here’s a taster! Dating 101 I’ve recently forayed into the world of online dating for the same reason everyone does; my kinesiologist said one of my angel guides was urging me to do it and he had my back. I had previously thought it… Continue reading Best of the Blog 1: Dating

Future Tripping

Who else is guilty of future tripping? I don’t necessarily mean dreaming of ‘the distant future’ with the hover boards that “Back to the Future” promised us (in 2015 no less!). No I’m thinking more about the jumping into a projected future in your head rather than staying grounded in the present. This has been… Continue reading Future Tripping

Scenes from a date

“Where do you see this going?” he asked. “Inevitable doom and destruction?” She resisted the urge to respond. Every time he said ‘ex’, it was like he slapped her across the face. It was so harsh! She flinched and thought her name was probably something lovely and soft-sounding like Sophie or Lucy. So many questions!… Continue reading Scenes from a date

5 More First Dates

The Lunch Date I was: Nervous, wrapped up, plait swinging. It started with: Me going to hug him as he held out his hand to shake mine. He was: Intense. Wry. To –the- point. Buttoned-up. Reminded me of: Alan Rickman. We talked about: Travel. Sydney. War. Property. We laughed about: Me insisting he try the… Continue reading 5 More First Dates

On Rejection

Oh yes that’s right. This holding-your-breath-stinging-eye pain. This is why she had encased her heart and put it safely on the shelf. And now? She remembered the potential pain that goes with possibility. It rushed back. She knew it all too well. What was wrong with her? Too blonde? Too silly? Too stupid? Too soft?… Continue reading On Rejection