Toxic Positivity

I like to see myself as a shiny, happy person laughing. But have I become too much of a Pollyanna? There is a lot of ‘look on the bright side’ and ‘good vibes only’-ness going around. While we can try to keep the vibes high and look for the silver lining, we should check thatContinue reading “Toxic Positivity”

Okay, but then what?

Okay, but then what? Is that really all you got? Okay, but then what? I don’t like to say this much Okay, but then what? ‘Cause all that talk is cheap Okay, you got plans, that just sound like talk to me. Illy “Then What?’ This funky song, ‘Okay, but then what?’, by Aussie hipContinue reading “Okay, but then what?”

What I’m….

I was inspired by the shiny bit of the Sunday paper where the columnists list the things they’re currently interested in. Here are some of mine. What… I’m listening to… Podcast: WILOSOPHY with Wil Anderson. A long form funny interview chat. His talks with Andy Lee (Episode 103) and Clementine Ford (Episode 107) are especiallyContinue reading “What I’m….”


Sometimes when it rains it pours. I had a piece of skin near my eye removed as it was BCC*. I had stitches and a bandage like a partial pirate. I felt a bit flat and looked a bit odd. I took antibiotics to ward off infection for that, had my flu shot, got aContinue reading “Healing”

What would Beyoncé do?

I’m sure the majority of people everywhere ever would join me in saying All Hail Queen Bey. Beyoncé is such a fierce force of femininity and feminism. Since watching her Netflix special ‘Homecoming’ about Bey-chella, I’ve been listening to her whole back catalogue (Destiny ‘s Child days included-Darkchild 99) on Spotify and loving it. ThisContinue reading “What would Beyoncé do?”

Courage over comfort

“I want to be in the arena. I want to be brave with my life. And when we make the choice to dare greatly, we sign up to get our asses kicked. We can choose courage or we can choose comfort, but we can’t have both. Not at the same time.” Brené Brown I’m a bitContinue reading “Courage over comfort”


I used to really enjoy a good cry. Sobs of sadness in the shower, droplets of despair under the doona or teardrops on the dance floor. I’d take to my bed and really wallow in it, roll myself up with it. Now I’ve realised, I’ve become too quick at the reframe, I’m the Flip Queen.Continue reading “Wallow”

I ship us: part 2

All aboard the Relation Ship! Thanks for joining me again in this humble vessel as we sail into Friendship Harbour and Family island. Friendsies Friends go jogging at the track. Friends borrow money never pay it back. Friends do not let friends do crack. Friends go out and grab a snack. Flight of the ConchordsContinue reading “I ship us: part 2”

An Army of Me

“And if you complain once more. You’ll meet an army of me”. Björk: Army of Me  I saw a vision of an army of me stretching back as far as the eye can see. It was during a time-line visualisation (led by the lovely Carry at Atriba) where I was picturing myself as a child andContinue reading “An Army of Me”

Training to serve you better

Hi, I’m Yvette and I’m training to serve you better. I’ve noticed that being ‘of service’ to others and shifting the focus from yourself to ‘the greater good’ is a more rewarding and less anxiety-inducing experience. I have literally ‘served’ many people in my award-winning roles as ditsy waitress, tipsy bartender and sunny sandwich makerContinue reading “Training to serve you better”