5 First Dates

The Bar Date I was: Nervous, cold, boots clip-clopping. It started with: Him squeezing my hands to warm them up. He was: Tall. Craggy. Dry. Talkative. Reminded me of: A mountain goat in a good way. We talked about: Children. Photography. Sobriety. I was he wasn’t. We laughed about: Him talking with his hands like… Continue reading 5 First Dates

Scandi Fever

Is it me or are the Swedish better at everything? I’m flush with Scandi Fever at the moment after frequenting the Scandinavian Film Festival, binge watching “Bonus Family” on Netflix and devouring meatballs. Minimal design, blonde people, cinnamon buns, latte papas. I want to go to there. Flat-packs: While it’s true I can’t find an… Continue reading Scandi Fever

Fan girl!

I was listening to a podcast (Wilosophy with comedian Alex Edelman) where Alex said that magic comes from following your interests with passion as you find like minded people to share them with and you get better at and learn more about the things you love. This renewed in me a resolve to enthusiastically pursue… Continue reading Fan girl!

Try me out

Try me out, please baby try me out. Just take a chance because I wanna be yours.  Wanna love you.  So go the eloquent mid-90’s song lyrics which are extremely catchy and relevant. These are some things I’m currently trying out and taking a chance on…. Square eyes: What to do when you’ve seemingly watched all… Continue reading Try me out

Core Desired Feelings

Core desired feelings are the way you want to feel daily. They’re not destination driven like some goals but are based on the way you want to feel most often. Not just when you’ve achieved these goals but when you’re on the way to achieving them and all the times in between. Danielle LaPorte says,… Continue reading Core Desired Feelings


Something about travel always makes me contemplate life and see things in different ways. As soon as I get into the Uber to the airport, the world takes on a new hue. I feel nostalgic looking at the window as the urban becomes the suburban and the suburban merges into the freeway then splits into… Continue reading Traveller

It’s the little things

I’ve been noticing how little things can make a big difference. A few small changes can result in a large increase of joy. Here are some of mine… Tea & Sympathy: I’ve rediscovered the joy of toast and tea. How glorious is the crunch of a crust and a sip of a brew in the… Continue reading It’s the little things


Please don’t be alarmed if you see me fleeing the scene of a party. You see I’m an introvert (shock horror! Not you with the cat and the i-view). I need regular spells of alone time to decompress and cope with time spent in public. My idea of a good time is reading a book… Continue reading Introverted

Nice for what?

I have oft been accused of being ‘too nice’ especially when I was doing teacher training. The implication being that students/the general population would take advantage and tread over me like a wafer-thin rug. That to be a proper teacher/ person I must toughen up, speak sharply, react abruptly and come down hard. But as… Continue reading Nice for what?

A thought can be changed

I’ve been trying to remember this Louise Hay gem when I feel a bit blah lately, “It is only a thought and a thought can be changed’. The blahness may be from this sniffle I can’t seem to shake, the increasing chill and decreasing light of the days or the fact I just watched the… Continue reading A thought can be changed