Abundant Abundance

Many unhelpful habits are formed in childhood. The voices we hear become our internal voice. We know that our thoughts create our world and many healers suggest imagining our inner child and watching how you speak to them. We’d never purposely speak to a child in such a negative put-down way but yet we often catch ourselves in negative self-talk like, “why are such an idiot? You’re fat/ugly etc etc”.

Children are listening too and when we say things like, ‘ I better not have a piece of cake or I need to go to the gym/ I’m getting so old /We can’t afford that’, they are listening and taking it all in. Money blocks often come from our parents and if we want to open up the channels for abundance now and for our children’s future we need to clear these and watch how we talk about money. You can set a good example by watching the words you speak out loud and to yourself

The balance is speaking about money as abundant but still teaching children the value of it. How? Gratitude! Cultivate an attitude of gratitude and share it. “We’re so lucky to have this food/ clothes/ holiday. What are you thankful for today? The more you give, the more you receive etc. Just start to do one thing and see the difference it makes. This morning I found a random Korean (I think) coin. I felt so lucky;lucky lucky lucky. I remember reading that a study showed that people who felt lucky found money and people who felt unlucky never even saw it. So feel lucky, watch your words (internal and external) and practice gratitude. Share this with the little people in your life. X Yvette

Image from Angel Answer Cards. Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine. Artwork by Marius Michael-George. 


Welcome Weavers!

I have a romantic idea of blogging I can probably blame on watching and re-watching too many Sex and the City episodes. Carrie Bradshaw and her Mac draped around her New York apartment contemplating life and love. I am excited to be here with my Mac in Melbourne doing the same. With a slightly less fabulous wardrobe!

I will be looking at topics like self-talk, manifesting, yoga and meditation and how they can be used to create an awesome life not just for yourself but for the children in your life. I don’t have any of my own but I have 2 classes full of 3 and 4 year olds I have the pleasure of teaching daily. I’d love for you to come along on this journey as we weave the future magical together xxx

Present and Future Magic


Welcome! I’m Yvette and I live in Melbourne. I started this blog because whenever I have a breakthrough I think, ‘why didn’t I know this earlier?’ All this stuff about the universe supporting you, manifesting, the law of attraction, the power of meditation, the fluidity of yoga. Imagine if you’d learnt it at school? What about if you learnt it when you were 4?! I’m in the unique position of being a soul searcher and a kindergarten teacher and I’m interested in combining these 2 passions and exploring the benefits.

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