Oh bop, fashion!

You need to just stop
Like can you just not step on my gown?
You need to calm down

The November edition

What I’m currently stanning… What… I’m reading… BOOK “Bali Daze” by Cat Wheeler.  Hilarious and honest real-life stories from Canadian Cat Wheeler about her life as a long-term resident of Ubud. “So here I am living happily ever after with my dogs and parrots, a few metres from the jungle and about a centimetre from… Continue reading The November edition

Okay, but then what?

Okay, but then what? Is that really all you got? Okay, but then what? I don’t like to say this much Okay, but then what? ‘Cause all that talk is cheap Okay, you got plans, that just sound like talk to me. Illy “Then What?’ This funky song, ‘Okay, but then what?’, by Aussie hip… Continue reading Okay, but then what?

He said…She said…

These guys are the bestest! Because; They went on a date with me I wrote about it I asked them to write about it They did The Dead Letter Club date He said… I was: Excited and a little nervous It started with: An enthusiastic greeting and a large platter of food She was: Charming,… Continue reading He said…She said…

Future Tripping

Who else is guilty of future tripping? I don’t necessarily mean dreaming of ‘the distant future’ with the hover boards that “Back to the Future” promised us (in 2015 no less!). No I’m thinking more about the jumping into a projected future in your head rather than staying grounded in the present. This has been… Continue reading Future Tripping

Scenes from a date

“Where do you see this going?” he asked. “Inevitable doom and destruction?” She resisted the urge to respond. Every time he said ‘ex’, it was like he slapped her across the face. It was so harsh! She flinched and thought her name was probably something lovely and soft-sounding like Sophie or Lucy. So many questions!… Continue reading Scenes from a date

Collected musings

A poem: They shuffled two by two into the crowded ark. Heads down. Hands held. I turned and ran alone into the wilderness. On sobriety: It’s currently absolute as I can’t moderate if my life depended on it. Enjoying myself better without it but if I get to the point I can take it or… Continue reading Collected musings