Me, myself and I

One thing’s for sure, whether you like it or not, wherever you go, there you are. You can try to run away, to change or punish yourself but the sooner you realise that mirror man ain’t going away the better. We’re the one we spend all the time with, a constant companion in a changing… Continue reading Me, myself and I

On Rejection

Oh yes that’s right. This holding-your-breath-stinging-eye pain. This is why she had encased her heart and put it safely on the shelf. And now? She remembered the potential pain that goes with possibility. It rushed back. She knew it all too well. What was wrong with her? Too blonde? Too silly? Too stupid? Too soft?… Continue reading On Rejection

Meditation ruling the nation

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person in pursuit of personal development must be in want of a meditation practice. Meditation is the cure-all for everything. Stressed? Meditate. Tired? Meditate. Anxious? Meditate. But it is much easier said than done especially when the process of meditating can be frustrating, challenging and boring. App… Continue reading Meditation ruling the nation

Fan girl!

I was listening to a podcast (Wilosophy with comedian Alex Edelman) where Alex said that magic comes from following your interests with passion as you find like minded people to share them with and you get better at and learn more about the things you love. This renewed in me a resolve to enthusiastically pursue… Continue reading Fan girl!

Try me out

Try me out, please baby try me out. Just take a chance because I wanna be yours.  Wanna love you.  So go the eloquent mid-90’s song lyrics which are extremely catchy and relevant. These are some things I’m currently trying out and taking a chance on…. Square eyes: What to do when you’ve seemingly watched all… Continue reading Try me out

Core Desired Feelings

Core desired feelings are the way you want to feel daily. They’re not destination driven like some goals but are based on the way you want to feel most often. Not just when you’ve achieved these goals but when you’re on the way to achieving them and all the times in between. Danielle LaPorte says,… Continue reading Core Desired Feelings

It’s the little things

I’ve been noticing how little things can make a big difference. A few small changes can result in a large increase of joy. Here are some of mine… Tea & Sympathy: I’ve rediscovered the joy of toast and tea. How glorious is the crunch of a crust and a sip of a brew in the… Continue reading It’s the little things