Nothing you want is upstream

I love the Law of Attraction and especially enjoy the funny and clear ways it’s explained by Abraham Hicks (many of their conversations with audiences you find on YouTube are enlightening comedy gold). Recently I’ve been thinking about this gem of an analogy from them; we could all be floating and flowing along the riverContinue reading “Nothing you want is upstream”


There was a poster I loved on the wall at my Kindergarten. It said ‘All educators are supermodels” and the vibe of the thing was to be a positive role-model for the kiddies who are always watching (like God and Santa). I had an a-ha moment and abruptly stopped smoking, shouting and swearing, at leastContinue reading “Supermodels”


If you come across me muttering to myself, please don’t escort me to the local loony bin (or PC equivalent) because I’m probably reciting affirmations (or hugging and telling giant rose quartz rocks I love them). Affirmations are inspirational statements you say or think about yourself.  These positive phrases help set off a chain ofContinue reading “Affirmative”


Wow wee!  Time flies and all that. It’s the silly season now. When one reflects on the year that’s been and the learnings that have emerged…and it’s hard not be hard on yourself. Progress can be slower and steadier than you think so while I’m not yet an enlightened loved-up, totally-buff babe, I hope theContinue reading “Learnings”

Past Dwelling

The past can be a pleasant place to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there. Besides being impossible (pending purchase of the DeLorean) it stops you from enjoying the present for the present that it is and moving forward with joyous intentions and a kick-ass hair-do and wardrobe (one hopes). Past-dwelling doesn’t have toContinue reading “Past Dwelling”

Me, myself and I

One thing’s for sure, whether you like it or not, wherever you go, there you are. You can try to run away, to change or punish yourself but the sooner you realise that mirror man ain’t going away the better. We’re the one we spend all the time with, a constant companion in a changingContinue reading “Me, myself and I”

The Frequency of Love

Recently I’ve felt like I’ve tuned in 111.11 Love FM. Perhaps it’s because I’ve started this online dating caper or this Kinesiology course caper but my life feels like it’s being narrated by Cameron Daddo for Smooth FM (sit back, relax, run yourself a bubble bath…) and the soundtrack is the refrain from the Beatles/Continue reading “The Frequency of Love”


Regardless of what anyone tells you, you can want what you want. Sometimes we confide in a friend our wildest dreams only to hear all the reasons why it’s not possible. Moving to Paris?! That’s too expensive, unsafe, full of baked goods and French people etc. At these times we are hearing their fears, howeverContinue reading “Regardless”

Nice for what?

I have oft been accused of being ‘too nice’ especially when I was doing teacher training. The implication being that students/the general population would take advantage and tread over me like a wafer-thin rug. That to be a proper teacher/ person I must toughen up, speak sharply, react abruptly and come down hard. But asContinue reading “Nice for what?”

A thought can be changed

I’ve been trying to remember this Louise Hay gem when I feel a bit blah lately, “It is only a thought and a thought can be changed’. The blahness may be from this sniffle I can’t seem to shake, the increasing chill and decreasing light of the days or the fact I just watched theContinue reading “A thought can be changed”