Happy Hibernator!

Well it’s lockdown 4.0 for us Melbournian folks and my heart goes out to all those with weddings-parties-anything that have been postponed. Truth be told, I’m a happy hygge hibernator and coffee-and-a-walk is about as wild as my weekends get anyhoo. At the very least, we have more time for watching, listening and reading and less interest in zooming more than strictly necessary. These are some things I’m enjoying at the mo…

Watching: Friends: The Reunion

I don’t want to try and calculate how many hours of my life I’ve spent watching and re-watching “Friends”. Let’s just say that I can’t remember my bank PIN but I can remember practically every line from every episode Seasons 1-4. Even though I couldn’t have BEEN anymore excited to watch the reunion, I was a bit unsure about how I’d feel about the combination of interviews and random guest stars (Justin Bieber? David Beckham?) I’d heard it involved. I’m happy to say it was wonderfully nostalgic, emotional and funny to see the cast and crew reunited, reminiscing and re-enacting some scenes. Sure, Matt LeBlanc is a bit larger in body and Matthew Perry is bit thinning on top but the chemistry and joy is still there. I cried when Jen A and David S read the script from Ross and Rachel’s first kiss and LOL’d at other celebs favourite scenes like Ross’ leather pants, the routine’, Phoebe’s ‘My eyes!’ and Joey wearing every item of clothing Chandler owns. And that, my friend, is what they call ‘closure’.

Listening: SOUR by Olivia Rodrigo

Back in my day we had Alanis Morissette’s “Jagged Little Pill” album to sing/scream along with to channel our rage, vulnerability and heartbreak (Does she know how you told me
You’d hold me until you died…. ’til you died, BUT YOU’RE STILL ALIVE!!)
These days the kids (and the young at heart) have Olivia Rodrigo’s “SOUR” (Good for you, you’re doing’ great out there without me, Baby, LIKE A DAMN SOCIOPATH!!). I’m loving listening to these cathartic songs. We have no choice but to Stan.

Reading: “The Weekend” by Charlotte Wood

Three women in their seventies reunite for one last, life-changing weekend in the beach house of their late friend. This novel by Australian author explores themes of ageing, family, friendship, death and shifts perspective between three women over the course of one weekend. It’s an amazingly moving and funny read.

I’d love to know what you’ve been watching, listening to and reading friend. See you on the other side!

Love and light xoxo Yvette

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By weavethefuturemagical

Hi guyz! I’m Yvette. I love to write about all things Minimalism, Mindfulness and Melbourne. The woo-woo makes me go woo-hoo! Much love xoxo @ me at yholdsworth@gmail.com


  1. A sneaky lockdown, start of week, post dinner blog, well received Yvette. Thanks x

    You asked so Im going to tell ,

    1. Watching-> The Terror (AMC), a fictional account of what happened on the doomed historical Arctic Expedition by HMS Erebus and HMS Terror to 1845-48 to discover the Northwest Passage. Gritty, gripping, suspenseful survivalist drama (with a splash of foreboding horror) …. abandon all hope ye who enter 😉

    2. Reading -> Shuggie Bain, 2020 Booker prize winning debut novel by Scottish-American writer Douglas Stuart. It tells the story of the youngest of the three children, Shuggie, growing up with his alcoholic mother, Agnes, in the 1980s, in a post-industrial working-class Glasgow, Scotland. Read this! Great!

    3. Listening -> Post Eurovision weekend, Ive dug out my old 1990s JJJ Hottest 100 CDs. Nostalgic youth relived. Creep (RadioHead), CannonBall (Breeders), Linger(Cranberries)….Dave Graney/TISM/You Am I anyone?

    My only fear of lockdown is ongoing Grade 2 home schooling …. birdie oh my!
    Else my isolating ways thrive….

    Keep well x

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing Markus!! Great tips. I must check them out. I also read ‘Shuggie Bain’- so heartbreakingly good. I love 🎧 listening to Double J as they throw in lots of 90’s stuff too. Good luck with the schooling. I only have to do battle with Bella 😻for prime spot on the couch 🛋/ bed 🛌. See you on the other side x

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  2. Love to all of you down in Melbourne! We are thinking of you up in Sydney where we recently had BBQ man but that seemed to fizzle out and now we’re all totally oblivious and fancy free again. Until another outbreak of course. Great to see you got the Charlotte Wood- she is a great writer and I really enjoyed Animal People. Funny little slice of life. I’m reading and loving my Inspector Banks novels. Set up in Yorkshire on the mooors. If you like him it’s good because he’s written about thirty in the series :). Take care Yvette and love and kisses down sooouth. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Miss you/ jealous of you northerners! And thanks so much for the tip about Charlotte Wood’s books-I’m looking forward to reading more of them. Ooh shall check out inspector banks too-you’ll never be short of a book with such a big series. The moors Cathy! Much love 💕 and so glad you got to visit us pre re-lockdown. Take care David xoxo 😘 Yvette


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