Use it or lose it

My low-buy year has helped me rediscover how much I already have. I’ve been making a conscious effort to reach for the lesser worn scrunchie or t.shirt and to cook with that cous-cous in the cupboard or those frozen veg in the freezer.

The full KondoI

If you have things that you no longer need/use and the joy sparked is nil or minimal, please thank them for their service and send them off to a loving new home. But even after going the full Kondo on my belongings, I realised there were still many things I was ‘saving for good’ or simply not reaching for at the back of the cupboard or drawer.

Shop your stuff

With shopping (except for essentials) being off the agenda, this rediscovery process brings a bit of the thrill of the shopper’s high back. I flipped my cupboards and drawer contents so am enjoying sipping tea from that other mug, wearing the other grey hoodie, spritzing the lesser worn perfume and consuming a veggie cous-cous combo (pro-tip: add chilli sauce).

Waste not want not

I was sad when I was Kondo-ing to discover many things I was ‘saving for good’ were out of date. Like the lovely Lush body lotions I was gifted and the exotic spices I was going to use in a Moroccan dish. Now I’m being more mindful of best-before dates, substituting what I have (salt and sugar are interchangeable right?) and reminding myself of the fact that every day is an occasion worthy of using the good stuff.

Challenger ready

It’s a fun and frugal challenge to try and skip the grocery run for a week and instead use what you already have. The last week of the month is a good time to try this to stretch out that budget. It’s good for the wallet and the environment to minimise waste and for the creativity to see what you can cobble together and cook up.

So, try using it or risk losing it. 2020 we have plenty.

Love and light and not-with-the-good-scissors xxx Yvette

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By weavethefuturemagical

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  1. Good advice Yvette of the North.

    As a single father of dragons here in the South, my horde usually devour the shopping come swap week’s end. But I always find left overs, or the mystery frozen block lurking in the back of the freezer to make a meal. Walking the Aldi aisles once a fortnight is plenty.

    Cleaning out the larder, rather than food waste is a great goal IMHO. Australians apparently one of the biggest food wasting nations.

    Prepper’s eat your wares!

    Markus of Port Melbourne

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks M! I’m guilty as charged as devouring the shopping on arrival hone with no dragons to help but it’s definitely a fun challenge to see if I can cobble together something random and yummy and stretch out those Aldi trips! Much love 💕 and good luck with the frozen blocks and home schooling the dragons! Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Good advice as always darl! Be the change you want to see and limit waste, especially food waste. Living solo without freezer 😨 I’ve had to fine tune my shop to limit waste.
    Smaller loaves of bread are the go, even those expensive sourdough ones, and really thinking through meals and proportions. A lot of people in this world do not have enough food. Thanks for your blog and hope all ok in lock down xx
    Ps Taylor Swift got a 5 star review in the smh, so she’s on fire!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for reading. No freezer must take your organisation levels up to 11! Yummy though-any excuse for an artisan sourdough. Oh my goodness finally everyone’s digging Taylor! It is so good. You might even like it tho. Much love and we’re all masking up down here!💕 xxx Y


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