Quarantine Basics

“Does anyone know if we will get through together or not? Or if these times are certain or uncertain? No one letting me know”. Chrissy Teigen

In my social media scrolling, that takes up an embarrassingly large amount of my time these days, I’ve discovered; That Chrissy Teigen wins the internet (@commentsbycelebs on insta does a Sunday Night Teigen Roundup) and that BACE is a helpful CBT framework to guide us in these uncertain times that we will get through together.

“BACE is a simple way to divide our daily activities into four categories: Body care, Achievement, Connecting with others, and Enjoyment. A routine that has activities across all BACE categories is good for us, experts say, because it releases good chemicals in our brain which are key to staying mentally healthy”. ABC Life

B is for Body Care; Sleep, Healthy Eating, Exercise, Yoga, Shower, Brush Hair.

It can be tempting to stay horizontal in PJs with the remote in one hand and a snack in the other but if you can get yourself into a more active routine, you’ll feel a million percent better. Here are some things I’ve been trying/ friendsies have recommended:

*Set an alarm for wake up (I have a cat alarm clock that refuses to be snoozed) and try to go to bed at same time daily.

*Because carbs and pantry staples were initially scarce during the Panic Buying Phase, I ate a diet of righteous mac and cheese and tuna pesto pasta for a few weeks straight in a warped supply/ demand hype. I’m now trying to get back to being paleo-ish and feeling better for eating at least something resembling fresh on occasion.

*Join every man and his dog (at a safe distance) in a walk round the hood.

*There are many YouTube Channels, Apps and Insta Lives devoted to exercising at home. I’m enjoying the Downward Dog Yoga App and the @EveStudio “10 Minutes together” Live workouts at 8.30am each morn. Have heard that @RyanHeffington Live Dance classes/ Parties snap too! (Literally-he was one of the Bend and Snap dancers in “Legally Blonde”).

*Spa Days-a weekly coconut oil hair mask and Go-To skincare face mask give me life and a tropic island scent.  

A is for Achievement-Reading, Baking, Chores, Work, Gardening, Music.

Kicking even small goals give you sense of achievement and buoyancy.

*Libraries change lives; hurrah for unbridled borrowing of eBooks and audiobooks. Recent faves of mine have been; “If I Never Met you” by Mhairi McFarlane (fun fiction) and “Gotta Get Theroux This” by Louis Theroux (fun to listen to the audiobook in his distinctive voice).

*Baking and Gardening I’m clueless about. But friends are raving about Sourdough Starters and Veggie Gardens and one day I hope to discover my inner domestic goddess.

*I have discovered the Dyson sparks joy and re-re-organising things does to.

*WFH’ers report that noise cancelling headphones, repurposed work spaces and giving Hamish Blake your Zoom meeting details for him to crash are helpful.

*I have to shout out Global Citizen’s (@glblctzn) #TogetherAtHome Concerts. My highlights being T. Swizzles’ heartbreaking “Soon You’ll Get Better” and Backstreet Boys “I want it that way” sang from their various living rooms in various cities. Am I…your fire?

C is Connection; Friends, Chats, Email, Love, Family, Pets.

Our social lives have been shrunk down to screen size.

*Zoom, Houseparty and Video-chats and are so hot right now to connect with frems and fam.

*I enjoyed a Trivia night with some friendsies. We all contributed 10 questions. Sample Q of mine: How many cats does Taylor Swift have and can you name them for bonus points? #

*My feline friend Bella is alternating between wanting to sit on top of me inconveniently and snubbing me. I didn’t realise how many dogs live in my hood until they were all being walked all the time! I want a chonky one.

E is for Enjoyment; Hobbies, Dancing, Playing, Podcasts, Movies, Puzzles.

This time has certainly brought us back to simplicity. And Tik-Tok.

*Lots of time to pursue hobbies. Mine include colouring in and blogging. I’m a savage.

*Who knew puzzles would make such a comeback?  Scott Morrison for one it seems. “How good are puzzles?”

*I love Podcasts from the classic to the bougie and the ratchet. A friend recommended Judith Lucy’s Podcast and I’m enjoying “The Joyful Frugalista” and “Hamish and Andy” too.

*Screen wise I mean; Doctor Foster (Stan), Unorthodox (Netflix), Lego Masters (Channel 9), Alexa Chung (YouTube)

So, keep it BACE-ic guyZ and I’d love to hear your hints, tips and tricks!

Love and light and #TS has 3 cats; Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button! Xxx Yvette


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