2020 We have plenty

I’ve been inspired by wonderful Frugalistas and Frugal-Misters to make 2020 a low buy year. I’m looking forward to being more mindful with my spending, basing my purchases on needs rather than wants, embracing minimalism and simplicity and strengthening my will power. Some things are in my no-buy category (clothes, books and homewares), some things are in a replacement only category (beauty products like my beloved Go-to skincare, holey-moly undies/ socks) and others I will allocate a budget for ($100 for experiences per month- massage/ pedicure/ theatre/ cinema/ restaurant etc.).  Before I buy anything, I will check in with myself to see if it’s something I really need, something I could swap for or borrow or if I have something at home I can use first (like all the shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and moisturisers in the bathroom cupboard).

Tak to Signe at Uselesswardrobe.dk for this vidunderlig Low Buy 2020 Challenge Checklist-tailored to clothing but applicable in other categories too. http://www.uselesswardrobe.dk/low-buy-2020/

Low Buy 2020 Challenge Checklist

  1. Secondhand + swapping first: can I thrift or swap my way into this item?
  2. Buying questions: do I already have something similar? Do I see myself wearing this at least 30 times or more? Can I wear this with what I already have?
  3. Basics & replacements allowed: basics as socks, undies, tees allowed, worn out items or similar are allowed to be replaced.
  4. Ethical brands only: Brands who are improving qualities and perform ethical practises, brands who have clear and verified certifications & high transparency, brands who make quality clothing that will last for years. No fast fashion brands (to save money, go 2nd hand instead).
  5. Grey areas: giftgiving/ receiving…do what feels right for you
  6. Stick to the lists: If you’ve got gaps in your wardrobe (or anywhere else) make a list and stick mindfully and consciously to it, while repeating the steps above before you purchase anything

January Report

Inspiration: This month’s inspo has come from watching some wonderful YouTubers who share videos about their experiences of no-buy/ low-buy years, budgeting advice savings challenges. Thanks; Use Less, Laura Joanna Jarvis, Hannah Louise Poston, Hailey Evans. I also loved the approach to money in Ken Honda’s book “Happy Money” where he encourages you to give and receive money in the spirit of joyfulness and gratitude.

Books: Lots of time for reading over Summer holidays and I have been enjoying books I was gifted (The Librarian), books on my shelf I was yet to read (Girl by Sea) and library books; e.books (City of Girls, A Man in Love, Happy Money) and audio books (Love, The Millionaire Next Door, Daring Greatly). The only challenging bit of the book category so far is when I can’t find titles I’m keen to read in the library or I have to go on a super-long waitlist but that’s no real biggie.

Clothes: Feel a bit like when you go on a diet and you suddenly want to eat everything, I’m hyper-aware of the clothes I don’t have even though I’m not a frequent fashionista shopper. Focusing on gratitude and the present-I’m so thankful for this juicy apple and these apple-bottom jeans. Trying the approach of ‘shopping my wardrobe’ where I put away non-seasonal items, put aside things to swap and pull out things I haven’t worn for yonks and trick myself into feeling good as new and good as hell. Replaced a few holey socks with ones purchased with gift card. Winning! Attempting to master the full-length mirror selfie.  

“I’ve been watching women in the department stores. They’re trying on clothes, and I’ve noticed that they do it differently from men. Women don’t try on the clothes, they get behind the clothes, you see? They take a dress off the rack, and they hold it up against themselves. They can tell something from this. They stick one leg way out ’cause they need to know, if some day I’m one-legged, and at a forty-five degree angle, what am I gonna wear?” Seinfeld

Giving: Giving any money left over in any category and more from my budget to the Bushfire Appeal-such a scary time for Australia and its land, people and creatures but such wonderful generousity and solidarity shown. Power to the people.  

Groceries/ Beauteries: I’ve been shopping at Aldi (the happiest place on earth) once a week with a list, a budget and cash and then ‘shopping the pantry’ when I’ve spent the week’s allocated money. Pesto tuna pasta is one go-to I seem to oft have the ingredients for. I was pleased to save some money doing things like making my own trail mix with almonds, sultanas and dark chocolate chips rather than buying the more $$$ pre-mixed one. I’m using my beauty products until empty before replacement (like my beloved Go-To Skincare) and using up all the travel hair-washing and body-washing products.

Good things come to those who wait: Had my eye on a Taylor Swift wall calendar since October. Purchased it Mid-Jan for $10 off! I mean, it was well into the new year but me and Miss Americana are happy together and I appreciate it all the more for the waiting, wishing and hoping I did!

Saving money is fun. How do you do it?

Love and light and live with less xxx Yvette

Use Less “How to buy less in 2020 | LOW BUY CHALLENGE”

Laura Joanna Jarvis “No Spend Year – How To Do A No Buy Challenge in 2020! 9 Tips To Get You Started!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnADj2gjgDg&list=PL08DlzBiXr8HCx6ZwxtwJRcj9RhTITXYY

“SHOULD YOU DO A NO-BUY? MY EXPERIENCE AND ADVICE | Hannah Louise Poston | MY NO-BUY YEAR” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwusUp7BRHA

“How To Do A No Buy Year // Hailey Evans // 2019 No Buy Year” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1O99yCL7EQ

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  1. The Danes can teach us muchly….
    Tak for det Yvette x

    Ælle, bælle mig fortælle.
    Skibet går til Åbenrå,
    køber for en skilling skrå,
    Deler den i syv,
    Én, to, tre, fire, fem, seks, syv,
    Ræven er en hønsetyv,
    Fra hans næse til hans mund
    Vejer firsindstyve pund.
    Ole vip, Ole vap,Ole snustobak.

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