Words to live by

There is no shortage of inspirational quotes in our world; avalanches of them online, on fridge magnets and in books. Occasionally I stumble across one that gives me a moment of illumination, some comfort or a reframe of hope in this crazy old world in which we live…

Knowing me knowing you. Aha!

“Don’t focus on your competition, focus on your goal.” This one was written on chalk board outside a shop. “A-ha!” I said like Alan Partridge “This is relevant to me today”. You see I’ve started a job at the library, which I love, but there are many new casuals like myself standing by for relief shifts. Some of whom have qualifications or experience in Librarianshipness and I heard one’s even been to Harvard (what, like it’s hard?). This quote reminded me not to feel discouraged by my perceived inferiority or have a scarcity mindset about shifts but instead to focus on my goal of doing the best job I can and learning as much as I can. Thank you chalk board.

I object!

“Just do the next right thing.” This one was in the wonderful book “Bad Yogi” by Alice Williams. When she’s feeling overwhelmed by all the things she needs to do to change her life; deal with food addiction, get a job, study to be a yoga teacher-she reminds herself to follow the advice of her sponsor and simply ‘just do the next right thing’. This could be to write a job application, email off an article she’d written, do a meditation or go for a walk instead of eating doughnuts. This is great advice for staying grounded in the present and taking one positive action step at a time rather than get stuck in the overwhelm/ reaction/ guilt cycle. Namaste Alice.

“When one door closes, I just walk up the hallway-there are more doors.” Steve Harvey said this one on “Ellen” talking about his talk show being cancelled but all the other opportunities that have opened up for him. See? Watching daytime TV does payoff. I can tend to get outcome focused and fixed on how things should happen instead of trusting that there are many opportunities that come in different forms and the journey is as important as the destination. Be kind to one another. Bye!

“Say Arigato to your money all day long.” Japanese people just seem to get things just right. In his book, “Happy Money: The Japanese art of making peace with your money”, Ken Honda talks about happy money and unhappy money. Happy money is money given and received with gratitude and generousity while unhappy money is given and received with reluctance and stinginess. Sensei Ken says if we say arigato (thank you) to our money all day long, “You will come to understand that money flows like water and arrives like a guest. And you’ll transform your money from a tyrannical master or an unruly slave to a trusted friend”. I’ve been saying arigato to my money and random members of the public as much as possible recently and as well as being fun to say-it feels great! Domo arigato Mr Roboto.

What words have moved you lately?

Love and light and insert inspirational quote here xxx Yvette

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