How’d I do?

So, this year, I’m surrendering to being the most me I can be, let the chips fall where they may. I’m leaning into my interests more and letting the rest go. I hope there will be more and more writing, reading, dancing, walking, exercising, studying, Taylor singing, comedy quoting and wig snatching to come this year. After all, I like my friends very much, just as they are. Why shouldn’t I extend that courtesy to moi?! New Year, more me (WFM blog post Jan 19 2019)

Oh, the innocence of youth. These were my grand plans for 2019. How’d I do? More;

Writing: I’ve continued to enjoy writing and sharing my weekly bloggy with dear friends and online randoms. Sitting on the couch in my dressing gown with my lap-top is my happy place. I bit the bullet and created a Mailchimp account to send an email out with it weekly. I resisted this for a long time as I thought it would be like ‘hassling’ but (most) people signed up of their own volition and I enjoy this extra ‘rainbow’ connection. The lovers, the dreamers and me.

Thank u, next! I’d like to grow my blog community and try writing some different things-articles, fiction, longer self-help stuff. I’d also like to build some daily writing into my morning routine.

Reading: I’ve rediscovered my library card this year and I am not afraid to use it. I’ve been reading each morning with my coffee and each night before lights out. A book is the perfect way to bookend my day. Some of this year’s favourites are; Vicki Robins Your Money or Your Life, Alice Williams Bad Yogi, Rachel Cusk In Transit and George S. Clason The Richest Man in Babylon.

Thank u, next! As I learn to live with less, I plan to Op Shop more of my books, look into an e. reader and borrow audiobooks from the library.  I also want to share my reads on the socials with Vetty’s Book Club and record the title, date and top takeaways from each book read.

Dancing: While I haven’t attended as many 5 Rhythms sessions as I’d hoped, I have shared some Vetty vs. dance videos on my stories.

Thank u, next! Check out Ecstatic Dance and share vids more regularly.

Walking: I’ve been doing a Merri Creek walk once or twice weekly. Fresh air and frolicking doggies spark joy.

Thank u, next! Walking the creek more and also to and from shops/ library/ local places for local people more oft as have been guilty of driving Grace (beloved Toyota Yaris) short distances.

Exercising: I leaned into Yoga (2-5 times weekly) and walking and occasional Pilates and out of the gym this year.

Thank u, next! I do miss the flexibility of the gym and the freshness of the swimming pool. Next year I will re-activate my gym membership and use my ClassPass account for yoga and look out for Community classes to attend too.

Studying: I decided that Kinesiology study wasn’t right for me. While that was sad to realise, I’m getting better at tuning into what is right.

Thank u, next! Yoga teacher training?! Maybe…watch this space.

Taylor singing: I’ve pretty much been a walking Taylor track this year. You’re myyy myyy myyy myyy…lover.

Thank u, next! Swiftly continuing my Swifty status. Darling! You’re myyy myyy myyy myyy…lover.

Comedy quoting: Yep….chilled out entertainer.

Thank u, next! This be big boy stuff. Cheers!

Wig snatching: I’ll get back to you on this one when I figure out what it means.

Thank u, next!  Ooh girl…what did that girl just say girl?

Looking forward to being even more me in 2020. How about you dear reader?

Love and light and you’re myyy myyy myyy myyy…lover xxx Yvette

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