The November edition

What I’m currently stanning…


I’m reading…

  • BOOK “Bali Daze” by Cat Wheeler.  Hilarious and honest real-life stories from Canadian Cat Wheeler about her life as a long-term resident of Ubud. “So here I am living happily ever after with my dogs and parrots, a few metres from the jungle and about a centimetre from heaven”. Inspirational stuff.
  • BOOK “Goodbye Things” by Fumio Sasaki. Fumio is a pretty hardcore Japanese minimalist with very few possessions. It’s inspiring to see how having less has enriched his life. “There’s happiness in having less. That’s why it’s time to say goodbye to all our extra things. All these things eventually turn on us; we become slaves to our belongings, forced to spend time and energy caring for them.” Fumio has sparked another decluttering for me and less feels more freeing.

I’m listening to…

  • MUSIC Mallrat. Grace Shaw, who performs as Mallrat, is an Australian musician, singer, and rapper from Brisbane. I especially love her song, “Charlie”. “I just want coffee for breakfast. I just want warm cups of tea. I just might love you forever. I hope you warm up to me. I hope your dreams are amazing.”
  • PODCAST “The Confidence Chronicles” with Erika Cramer the Queen of Confidence. “I’m a Puerto Rican, living in Melbourne. I was born and raised in the US. I’m a mother of 2 gorgeous boys, wife to a sexy ass Sri Lankan man and I’m a Confidence Coach with a thick history.” Love this podcast from the straight-talking sassy Erika from America. Especially recommend checking out the ‘Money issues’ episode (number 66).

I’m watching…

  • TV SHOW “Forever” on Amazon Prime.  Quirky comedy starring Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen as married couple June and Oscar, it takes lots of dramatic and funny twists and turns. Who can resist these two cuties together?

I’m planning…

  • COURSE “Yoga Teacher Training” in 2020. I mean I love yoga and I AM a teacher- right?! Even though I’m not the bendiest pretzel, I do love to yogi and would l enjoy sharing it with others. Namaslay!

I’m pondering…

  • WONDERFUL WORDS of Rumi. “Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion”.

I’d love to hear all the things you are reading, listening to, watching, planning and pondering dearest reader.

Love and light and chef’s kiss emoji xxx Yvette

Links to stuff

Reading: “Bali Daze” by Cat Wheeler“Goodbye Things” by Fumio Sasaki (5-minute video with the author)

Listening: Mallrat “Charlie”“The Confidence Chronicles” Podcast


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By weavethefuturemagical

Hi guyz! I’m Yvette. I love to write about all things Minimalism, Mindfulness and Melbourne. The woo-woo makes me go woo-hoo! Much love xoxo @ me at


  1. You asked, so I answered….thanks for sharing yours Yvette of The North!

    I’m reading:

    BOOK “The Sum of all Fears” by Tom Clancy. Found at little free library book swap, Liardet St Port Melbourne. With 5 other books ‘on the go’ beside my bed (and stuck on same page for so long), I felt the need for a trashy page turner. I keep seeing Ben Affleck while I read this.

    BOOK “Love Poems” by Pablo Neruda. So touching. Poignant. Beautiful. A gift from a returning traveler from the Americas.

    I’m listening to…

    MUSIC Rachmaninov Variations. Trifonov. The Philadelphia Orchestra. Nezet-Segun. Who doesn’t love this Russian Master? Who? Tell me.

    AUDIO BOOK “The Trauma Cleaner” by Sarah Krasnostein. A poignant and powerful celebration of one remarkable woman’s unrelenting drive to make order from chaos

    I’m watching…

    TV SHOW “The OA” season 2 on Netflix. I CANNOT believe there is no season 3. I am hooked. Brit Marling, creator, actress in this mind bending series on parallel universes, cross astral plane travelling is the BESTest I have seen in such a long time.

    I’m practicing…

    PIANO , my teacher has me at major chords on one hand (3 fingers) and notes with 2 fingers on the other hand , all at once. Good King Wenceslas seems so long ago now.

    I’m pondering…

    FUTURE, but wanting to live in the present. This is so difficult. But needs much practice, which Im thinking greatly on.

    Markus Of Port Melbourne

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    1. Thanks M for taking the time to answer! These sound amaze and inspiring and I look forward to checking them out. But come on…we all know Vanilla Ice is more your thang than Rachmaninov. Who doesn’t love this lyrical poet? Who? Tell me. Xxx


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