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Shhhhh it’s a LIBRARY. I’ve rediscovered the joys of the library; DVDs, magazines, comfy couches, the heater cranked up and of course…many book friends. Here’s 2;

The Joyful Frugalista by Serina Bird

Grow your cash, be savvy with your money and live abundantly.

“A frugalista is someone who lives the good life, the fashionable life, while still living frugally-someone who is mindful of the small things, avoids waste and lives consciously. A frugalista prioritises things like reducing food waste and negotiating the best deals, and can identify what is a need rather than a want”.

I loved this book! Serina speaketh the trutheth clearly and positively. Serina talks about decluttering, gratitude and community in order to live a happier and more sustainable life. She breaks down topics like saving, utilities, groceries, fashion, entertainment and relationships into practical steps with a ‘Frugalista Challenge’ at the end of each chapter. Her description of her Friday night ritual at home with her hubby, karaoke and a meal of leftovers and homemade ginger beer sounds like heaven to me. She has a great blog too and has recently started a podcast “This Abundant Life” (link below) with lots of tips and tricks.

So far, I’m trying;

  • To reduce energy consumption by drawing the blinds, using a wheat bag and hot water bottle and lighting candles. Side-effect; creates a hygge lyf.
  • The $50 a week grocery challenge. To withdraw $50 cash and only use that for weekly groceries. It seems tough but Serina manages it with 2 kids. WTF! This has encouraged me to use what’s in the cupboard and freezer, buy seasonally, pick wild rosemary and pause before buying on auto-pilot.
  • I’ve joined my local Buy Nothing Group on Facebook where people in your local community share, exchange, request and give-away goods and services. I’ll use it as I continue to declutter.
  • Recording your spending. I’d lapsed in doing this and have kickstarted it again. Simply the act of recording it makes buying more mindful and less automated. I realise I barely register what I’m spending on Pay Pass or look at my Direct Debits but not anymore!

The Good Hustle” by Dr Polly McGee

Creating a happy, healthy business with heart

 “The businesses I’m talking about are designed around love and devotion to customers, around being in service. You aren’t trying to manifest a diamond necklace to bring happiness, you are polishing the diamond of your essential self to find the contentment that comes from living holistically.”

A gem from another inspirational Aussie female, “The Good Hustle” encourages you to find what makes you happy, then put that into practice in your working life. Polly poses four questions that the reader should ask themselves before starting any new venture, be that a job, hobby or any project. They are:

  1. Will you enjoy doing it?
  2. Does it come easily?
  3. Does it give benefits to others?
  4. Can you see yourself doing it for a long time?

Polly combines her experience as a business strategist and yogi to encourage us to do meaningful heart-centred work that is of service and in flow. I love the combo of practical advice with spiritual roots in this book which is useful for the 9-5’ers as well as the entrepreneurs.

So, check out your local library folks and check out some inspirational reading material. I may well see you browsing the stacks or taking off your glasses and shaking your hair out after hours!

Love and light and book friends for all xxx Yvette

 “The Joyful Frugalista”

Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of cosiness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment

“The Good Hustle”

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  1. Library at The Dock…

    If youre ever down the far end where Bourke hits Collins St. Its well worth a visit.

    M x


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