The courage to rest

My yoga teacher offered this gem during a Yin Yoga class (which is the s-l-o-w, introspective type one),

“How can you have the courage to rest? To not push but accept fully where you are. To bring this quality of surrender into your practice and your life”.

 Talk about a Mic-Drop! This is something I’ve oft wrestled with. To accept that it’s OK to take it easy, to hit the snooze, to decline invitations, to not-be-busy …But now reframing it as not just OK but courageous well…consider my wig snatched!

So how can I have the courage to rest, accept and surrender?

  • Not being stoic or thrifty with the heating. Use ALL the things to keep me cosy this Winter-heaters, layers, blankies, hotties, chonky cats.
  • Letting go of feeling guilty for saying no to work/ social things. No thank you. End of.
  • Surrendering to a long sleep. Early to bed, late to rise, followed by lounging with coffee(s) time.
  • Replying ‘hibernating’ when asked about plans for weekends/ holidays instead of adopting ‘being busy’ fall-back stance.
  • One more episode of “Nashville” …
  • One more chapter of this Marian Keyes book…

Kate Northrup has written a book, “Do Less”, about this very topic. I’m looking forward to reading it and she offers her own mic-drops on this very topic:

“When you do less, the things you choose to do get done faster and more effectively”.

 “When you do less, you have more space to be”.

 So, how can you do less and have the courage to rest dear reader? Make space and time for rest and join me in hitting the snooze….

Love and light and zzzzz xxx Yvette

 Prana House: Yin Yoga: slow, held, supported and restorative practice. Our Yin yoga classes are nourishing and grounding, with poses held between 3 to 8 minutes each with a focus on floor based postures. This allows a deep release of tension in the connective tissues to help improve flexibility and create a feeling of space and freedom in your body. Savour this precious opportunity to soften into surrender and passivity.

Kate Northrup, “9 reasons doing less gets you more”:










By weavethefuturemagical

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  1. Love this Yvette!
    I too am trying to adopt saying “no thank you.” I’ve gone from saying “yes” all the time where I can experience all the things and have a wide range of opportunities to realising I need to say “no” in order to re-coup and find the calm and balance I need xo

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  2. “There is, following an ample meal, a sort of pause in time, filled with a gentle slackening of thought and energy, when to sit doing nothing gives us a sense of life’s richness and a feeling that the least effort would be intolerable. The melancholy we took with us to table has disappeared and, if we think of it at all it is only to smile, as at some black mood now past, its cause having gone. And with the melancholy, all scruple, all remorse departs from us.” – Marcel Proust (Jean Santeuil)

    “Hey, chillax” – Gru (Despicable Me)

    Markus x

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