I ship us: part 2

All aboard the Relation Ship! Thanks for joining me again in this humble vessel as we sail into Friendship Harbour and Family island.


Friends go jogging at the track. Friends borrow money never pay it back. Friends do not let friends do crack. Friends go out and grab a snack.
Flight of the Conchords “Friends”

 When you’re a kiddie, friends are everywhere. Random kid in park=friend. Kid with same recess snack as you=friend. Kid of your parent’s friend=friend. But when you get older, it’s a bit more complicated. You have school friends, work friends, party friends, Facebook friends and friends of friends. Friendships need cultivating with time and attention and many dissipate with the tyranny of distance and divergent lives as one turns down Lover Lane and another down Kiddie Court. I used to be sad when friendships diminished and lamented the fact that due to a change of workplace or lifestyle they were not sustainable. But this line from a poem has come in handy for the reframe; People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

Not everything is forever (I mean technically nothing is) and maybe that friend was just there at the right time to help you through a tough time, give you a laugh at the water cooler or lend you lip-balm in the queue for the Ladies. And that’s ok. There are also friends who you only see now and then and it’s like no time has passed and you’re still BFFs. So, put in energy and effort with friendsies but don’t hold on too tight if the friendship reaches a natural conclusion, let them go with love and wish them well on their own sea sojourn. Appropriate affirmations from Louise Hay; The Universe sends me the perfect people for the perfect lessons. All people and all situations are delivering me toward my higher good.


 “I know blood is thicker than water, but Bud Frump is thicker than anything’. From: How to succeed in business without really trying  Musical/ Film.

When we’re little we learn how to respond to the world around us by the people around us, most commonly parental types. This may or may not serve us well as we grow up but it’s important we make peace with our past so we can forgive and move forward. Louise Hay says, “Whatever the extent of your disappointment, disillusion and disgust with your parents, they’ve served an important, noble purpose in your life”.

She advises imagining them as children and sending them love and forgiveness as they were doing the best they could with the knowledge they had. She also suggests visualising yourself as an innocent child and giving yourself whatever you need; hugs, kind words, attention or praise. Act from a place of integrity and treat yourself with love and you can decide whether that means attending family dinners or not but either way, make peace with your past and parent yourself. Unlimited ice-cream and TV. Yahoo!

Thanks for joining me sailor on board the HMS Relation ship! And remember, it is not the ship so much as the skilful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage*.

Love and light and sail on silver girl! Xxx Yvette


Flight of the Conchords “Friends”



Reason, Season or Lifetime Poem



 “I see my parents as tiny children who need love. I have compassion for my parents’ childhoods. I now know that I chose them because they were perfect for what I had to learn. I forgive them and set them free, and I set myself free”. – Louise L. Hay


George William Curtis * : It is not the ship so much as the skilful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage.









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  1. Lovely thoughts … and so true Yvette.

    People move in and around our lives for many reasons. Some stay others not.

    The path lies ahead…

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