I’ve been telling myself this recently when I find myself looking over to see what the driver next to me is doing or when I’m considering making a hasty change or slow drift across to another lane. This is metaphorical of course as I’m a very safe and Nanna-like driver. Much time is wasted and angst caused by looking out at what others are doing and worrying that you aren’t doing it like that or wondering should I be doing it like that? Instead, I’m now trying to say to myself, just stay in your own lane.

I am 100% me and you are 100% you and the sooner we embrace and celebrate this the better. No good comes from comparisonitis and in this social media climate we are never more than a click away from seeing someone who is seemingly like you except blonder and superior in every single way. Ouch. This can be enough to see you hanging up your hopes and dreams and deciding that a life of Netflix is all you’re capable of aspiring to. I mean there’s a billion brighter betterer blonderer bloggers. But ‘stay in your own lane pleassse’.

Coach Marie Forleo believes that, ‘the world needs that special gift that only you have’. Speaking on the Melissa Ambrosini podcast, Marie used the example that her partner was telling her for years that she should be juicing and taking supplements to improve her health. One day she heard this from a friend and went home and told him that she is now starting juicing and taking supplements to improve her health. He replied, ‘I’ve been telling you that for years. Why couldn’t you hear the message from me?’ Marie says that someone needs to hear the message from you in your own unique way regardless of how many other people have a similar message.

This concept has helped me with work and study too. As long as I’m doing the work required, I don’t need to look over at how someone else is doing it and start freaking out that I’m doing it wrong. I can stay in my own lane and do it my way at my own pace (5km below the speed limit please Nanna) without drifting all over the place. The Grass isn’t always greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water it so water your own grass with some self-care and self-love and keep your eyes on the road. Likewise you can set your own goals and work towards your dreams regardless of whether or not they make sense to anyone else. It doesn’t really matter, they are in their lane in a different car and it’s not as cute to you as your little Toyota is.

So stay in your own lane and don’t risk crashing or contracting comparisonitis.

Love and light and drive safe friend xxx Yvette


Melissa Ambrosini Podcast: How to turn your passion into profit with Marie Forleo.https://melissaambrosini.com/podcast/turn-passion-profit-marie-forleo/