Snap out of your funk

When I’m in a bad mood, everything is blah and everyone is annoying and I’m uninspired to do anything. Why is there no food in this house?! Whose bright idea was it to start studying again? Where is Ryan Gosling at? Are Pyjamas acceptable street wear? Black and White thinking rears its head; everything seems all bad or all good and when it’s all bad, the only thing I can achieve is finishing Netflix series (OMG. Have you watched ‘Dirty John’?! So Glad I saw that after I tried online dating). Obviously, this is not a conducive state to be in as the negative /unmotivated cycle feeds itself on an endless loop. But how to snap out of this funk?

 The first thing to consider is your physical state. Are you hungry? Or hangry (more honest)?  Or thirsting? Or under-caffeinated (even more honest)? If so, first things first, eat something (yes there must be some form of food in the house), have a cool refreshing drink and/or a delicious caffeinated beverage. Are you tired? If so, see afore mentioned consumption of delicious caffeinated beverage, take a few restorative deep breaths and shake your body out. Think of it as shaking off the negative vibes as you shake-shake-shake-shake-shake it off-shake it off! Let out a barbaric yawp if it helps. And throw in some side-kicks for good measure. Now what?

Start filling in the 50 shades of grey between the black/ all badness and the white/all goodness. It’s hard to go from blah to brilliant but you can go from blah to less blah. Start with baby-steps by being reasonable and questioning your currently-warped perspective;

Whose bright idea was it to start studying again? It was mine. Why did you do it? Because I want to work in holistic health. But it’s hard!  It can be but it’s also interesting and people can help. Who? The teacher, fellow students, Professor Google. But I don’t have enough time! You do if you ‘chunk it’ down into small manageable tasks. Please explain? Well Tony Robbins explains it like this and it sounds better in his ultra-deep voice; “By taking all that is coming at you and putting it into ideal-sized groups (or chunks) your mind can more easily handle, you are positioning yourself to accomplish your goals and achieve further success”. Well…I suppose so. So…let the chunking begin chunky monkey!

Ok. What’s next sparky? A bit of movement, a change of scene and fresh air can help too. But PJ’s? Bugger it! Put on sports bra and sneakers and hit the road Jack. It’s a fine line between hipsterness and laziness when it’s comes to dressing these dayz anyhoo. Roger that amiga! Oh, and for extra uplift-listen to a funky playlist whilst walking round the block. Like Ariana’s latest?  You read my mind. Exquisite taste you have. Thank U. Next! Hilarious.

Amazing what a change some movement and mindset shifting can make. I’m not jumping round like a cheerleader but I’m realising the world isn’t over and I can start stepping in a more positive direction. See if it helps you shift your bad mad too!

Love and light and snap out of your funk! Xxx Yvette

PS: Ryan Gosling lives in LA so that’s probably where he’s at.

“We all think of the world in black and white terms at times. From refusing to see the flaws in our loved ones, to being overly hard on ourselves, the human brain’s tendency to understand the world in either/or terms has a profound effect on our relationships”.







By weavethefuturemagical

Hi guyz! I’m Yvette. I love to write about all things Minimalism, Mindfulness and Melbourne. The woo-woo makes me go woo-hoo! Much love xoxo @ me at


  1. “Winter is coming” Ned Stark
    Look where he ended up.
    Be less like Ned!

    Translation for non GOT followers….

    Find the sun 💛 and keep moving like our nana does!

    Well done Yvette of the North*

    *no Winterfell analogy intended

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    1. Thanks 🙏 M of the Port. I did watch the first series and was horrified to see how things ended for Sean Bean! Will try to keep moving 👵🏻 nana style and especially now Autumn 🍂 is coming (well technically here but 🥵) xxx Yvette


  2. Thanks for these words of wisdom Yvette! And we do the things like study or slave away at something creative because it gives our life meaning. Xx

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