Training to serve you better

Hi, I’m Yvette and I’m training to serve you better. I’ve noticed that being ‘of service’ to others and shifting the focus from yourself to ‘the greater good’ is a more rewarding and less anxiety-inducing experience. I have literally ‘served’ many people in my award-winning roles as ditsy waitress, tipsy bartender and sunny sandwich maker but you can serve in any role you play personally or professionally.

On “The School of Greatness” podcast, author and spiritual guru guy Michael Beckwith said that we are all here for the same purpose, ‘to reflect divinity’ but we all have ‘different missions’ of how we do this. Yours may be to teach or to create art that uplifts, to do charity work or to inspire others through your interactions. Michael believes we come to our mission in 2 ways; ‘through crisis or inspiration’ and ‘your pain pushes you until your vision pulls you’. He suggests asking the Universe every morning, ‘how can I give/serve/share and cultivate my gift more today? How can I be an instrument of peace and love?’

I have been trying asking these questions in the morning and it does help me to connect to a bigger picture. I’m ‘serving children and families’ not just ‘going to work’. I’m ‘cultivating my knowledge’ instead of ‘completing an assessment’. I’m ‘creating a lovely environment for me and Bella’ rather than ‘vacuuming cat fur…again’. This helps me to try and make the present moment choices I’ll be proud of later; the healthier snack, the less shouty voice, the earlier alarm. My vision for the future is to serve my community through teaching, writing and kinesi-fying. After all I’m a friend first, boss second and probably an entertainer third.

When I went on a yoga retreat, we were all asked to sign up to do jobs or ‘karma yoga’. These were things like food prep and service (mmm curry), cleaning mats (mmm savasana) and scrubbing toilets (eek curry). The teacher said that in the Ashram, the hardest jobs held the most honour. Although I sighed, I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed my time cutting, scooping, wiping and scrubbing with and for my fellow yogis. I felt a sense of purpose and enjoying being of service. I try to do this at home too by putting the bins in and out for my building and attempting to leave the classroom tidy and devices charged for my fellow teachers. It feels good to do this whether or not it is acknowledged or reciprocated.

So how can you be more of service to others as hooker/waitress, model/actress or whatever roles you play. Try asking the universe for guidance, connecting to the bigger picture and leaving things as good-as or better-than you found them.

 Sorry I stuffed up your order but please know I’m forever training to serve you better.

 Love and light and how many papadums would you like? Xxx Yvette

 Michael Beckwith “Leave Mediocrity Behind You” with Lewis Howes. Discussion about service at 25 minute mark. 

David Brent: “I suppose I’ve created an atmosphere where I’m a friend first and a boss second. Probably an entertainer third.” (Season 1, Episode 1,The Office )

Hole-Celebrity Skin. “When I wake up in my makeup. Have you ever felt so used up as this? It’s all so sugarless. Hooker, waitress, model, actress. Oh, just go nameless”.–E



















By weavethefuturemagical

Hi guyz! I’m Yvette. I love to write about all things Minimalism, Mindfulness and Melbourne. The woo-woo makes me go woo-hoo! Much love xoxo @ me at


  1. Love this Yvette!! Always love reading what you’re sharing. You’re serving beautifully by giving the gift of your words and life experience too ! 💗💗xx

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  2. Many many years ago in the land of the Viking…I remember joining my then gf in the park with an eclectic mix of extended work colleagues, friends and hanger ons.

    One of our closer friends Lene* had prepped some home made snacks for everyone (even those she didn’t know). It was a kind and giving gesture.

    I was sitting beside 2 glamorous shield maidens gas bagging in tongues. Asking my gf discretely what they said (my dansk yet to be of value in understanding)…I was told they said “this could have been better if it had some spice or herbs”. I noticed Lene* had also over heard this and was visibly a little hurt…but didn’t affect her pleasant demeanour to the whiners.

    Who do we want to be like? For me it’s a no contest. Your piece has tapped into this perfectly Yvette**

    *Lenes name not changed deliberately because she is a beautiful soul…and still is

    ** see above * switch in Yvette

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