I oft can be spotted stumbling through my day…dropping stuff, bumping into furniture (why pointy edged coffee table? Why?!), forgetting to buy items in the supermarket (why cat food? why?!) and acting and reacting in unhelpful ways (why negative ninny thoughts? Why?!) It’s easy for hours, days and weeks to slip away while I stumble blindly around like a buffoon but I’m trying to introduce a bit more intentionality to my so-called life.

In his wonderfully titled wonderful book, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”, Dr. Joe Dispenza writes about the need to become conscious of our habitual states of mind so we can prune away and unmemorise these unwanted emotions, thoughts and actions to transform ourselves and our lives. I choose to focus on my habit of ‘worrying’ which makes me feel shut-down, defensive, indecisive and overwhelmed. My thoughts when I worry are racing and my self-talk is Regina George-level nasty, ‘stop trying to make your life happen. It’s not going to happen!” At these times, my avoidant behaviour kicks in and I procrastinate, over-scroll social media, over-eat anything and over-catastrophise everything.

Joe says when we picture ourselves thinking, feeling and acting in these unhelpful ways or when we are actually thinking, feeling and acting in these unhelpful ways, we should say “CHANGE!” loudly (externally or internally) and then “this is not loving to me!’ The idea being, when we use these tools of redirecting we prevent ourselves from behaving unconsciously and ‘the rewards of being healthy, happy and free are so much more important than being stuck in the same self-destructive pattern”. Once we prune away these habits we can transform ourselves and create a more intentional life full of the thoughts, feelings and actions we want. That’s so fetch!

To start the mornings off on the right note before the stumble towards coffee begins, I’m taking 10 mins to do some breathing, gratitude and intention setting inspired by Lisa Nichols’ book “Abundance Now” (my habit of buying self-help books remains unbroken). She suggests starting with some deep breaths and then writing down 10 things you’re grateful for (that are free or cost less than $25), visualising your day and your dream future and writing down how you’ll ‘show up in the world”. Mine is usually something like, “I handle everything with ease, grace and fun today. I am productive, creative and loving”. Followed by my mantras, “I am infinite love. I am connected to oceans of abundance. I am youthful and timeless”

 These have me springing rather than stumbling into my day with an intentional tone and a bigger picture view and even if I do forget the cat food or start broadcasting Ninny Radio, I can simply shout, “CHANGE! This isn’t loving to me” and choose a better adventure. Which adventure will you chose for yourself?

Intentional love and light xxx Yvette


Regina George “Mean Girls”. ‘Stop trying to make fetch happen’.

Dr Joe Dispenza Blog on Change

Lisa Nichols “Abundance Now”











By weavethefuturemagical

Hi guyz! I’m Yvette. I love to write about all things Minimalism, Mindfulness and Melbourne. The woo-woo makes me go woo-hoo! Much love xoxo @ me at


  1. Breaking patterns is often hard. Once recognising the destructive thought proceses I love the ideas of introducing small changes to move your mind estate to better vista’s.

    Enjoying your blog Miss Y

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  2. Excellent Yvette.
    To get out of the rut we must not only change the thought we must change the behavior.
    You can’t think yourself out of the depths- but you can with a contrary action. Change the channel. Go for a walk, call a friend, do fifty one hand push-ups like I do.
    All the best! Xx

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