Beach Vibrations

Did I mention I spent time at the beach over the holidays? I loved it and not just because I could gloat on Instagram about it. I felt chilled out vibes, a sense of peace and community, a connection to nature and a bracing daily ocean plunge. Previously I thought of myself as more of a Mountain Mama than a Beach Babe but Mallacoota in East Gippsland had the bestest combo of bush meets beach meets small town meets milder-than-Melbourne weather and a resident sea lion. I overheard a few fellow holiday-makers talking about how they work hard all year in the city so they can enjoy a few weeks at the beach over Summer. It made me think, have we got it the wrong way round?

It reminds me of that story about the fisherman and the businessman where basically the businessman’s dream of retirement is the life the fisherman is living daily (see link to story below). Instead of working and saving and dreaming of ‘more time at the beach one day’, could we just move to the beach and live the dream life daily? I think it helps to be clear on what exactly it is about the lifestyle that appeals and try to bring these things more into your life so you’re vibrating at the frequency of Beach Babe. Some of the things I loved were; being close to nature, fresh air, bush walks, beach dips, community feels and simplicity. I imagined myself volunteering at the op-shop, attending the book club and running the monthly movie night (another Gosling one tonight guyz).

Now I’m back in the big smoke I’ve been trying to keep the vibes high by going on daily Merri Creek walks and having regular dips in the pool. There’s no reason why I can’t volunteer at my local op-shop and join a book club here either (or subject people to my Gosling-based film recommendations). I’m keen to explore some of the coast closer to home and I’ve had my eye on Seek Jobs and Real too for jobs and homes in beachy areas to fuel my visioning. I’m lucky that teaching is a portable job and Bella the cat is portable too (though heavy and rather reluctant). I have an ocean pic as my screen saver, a beach outfit (MC hammer pants and surfie tee) and a Coastal Spotify playlist to listen to.

This is what money and mindset coach Denise Duffield-Thomas calls, ‘throwing everything at it’.  She says, “if you get into positive action and act in intention, then you’ll notice synchronicities and opportunities that you wouldn’t have noticed before. The rituals strengthen your belief. Your positive beliefs that you deserve it and are worth it, lead you to take positive action. It becomes a beautiful compounding effect”. Denise has some excellent suggestions for visual, audio, physical and energetic ways to set goals and keep vibrating at your desired frequency (link below). What’s the dream life you want to create and how can you align yourself with it?

Love and light and see you at the beach, op shop, book club and movie night xxx Yvette


“The Fisherman and the Business Man”

Denise Duffield-Thomas






By weavethefuturemagical

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  1. Another great read Yvette!
    I have to agree with you – why do we have to live in the city so that we can spend holidays at the beach? I would love to live somewhere where the beach, country and suburbia meet!
    Better add to that vision board of mine! 😉

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