Are you being guided by your heart or by your head? Love or fear? Feelings or thoughts? I think of my heart and head as the original odd couple. You’d think they’d be able to agree on things, but like Ernie and Bert, they often have different perspectives and agendas. Sometimes hilarity ensues when Ernie/ Heart leads me in one direction and then Bert/ Head talks me into the other, but often confusion and/or hurt does.

The head comes from a place of logic and wants to keep you safe which is fair enough really. But it’s coming from a risk adverse, fear based, ego driven place. New relationship? Head quickly steps up as debate captain; Too many unknowns, potential to get hurt, dangerous to be vulnerable, what’s an IT analyst anyway etc etc…It gets into your…well…head and then you’re shopping round for other’s opinions, ‘what do you think about IT Analysts?’, and the volume gets louder and suddenly you’re acting like an avoidant ice-queen. Again.

The heart comes from a place of love and wants you to expand beyond your comfort zone. It comes quietly with a big picture vision, logic-be-damned attitude and a giant jarful of joyous potential. You have to be quick to catch your heart’s whisperings before head jumps in with the pros and cons list and panel of experts. Getting into a quiet space, literally and figuratively, with meditation or a walk in nature can help turn the voice of the head down so the heart can start its quiet flood of visions and feelings; laughing and singing, skipping, holding-handing…Try to hold onto this and turn on your heart light to prevent any further ice-queen formations.

My lovely kinesiologist, Elena Pilch, encouraged me to strengthen the voice of my heart by tuning into it and following its advice for smaller decisions like what to wear and what to eat. My uniform of grey t-shirt and jeans has been well documented and makes sense but recently my heart’s been guiding me to dress like I’m an extra from Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby”. I listened and the next thing I know I’m floating down the street in tweed pants, a pink striped t-shirt and a leopard print scarf to have gnocchi for breakfast. And loving every minute of it.

I hope I can make more time and space this year to get quiet and hear and follow the advice of my heart as it leads me with its often unorthodox wisdom in a fabulous outfit, towards my greatest love and joy or least towards a carb-loaded feast. Heart, you’re out there and I’m here for it. Head, stay there too I may need you later for learning anatomy but please pipe down!

Love and light and are you an Ernie or a Bert? Xxx Yvette

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