If you come across me muttering to myself, please don’t escort me to the local loony bin (or PC equivalent) because I’m probably reciting affirmations (or hugging and telling giant rose quartz rocks I love them). Affirmations are inspirational statements you say or think about yourself.  These positive phrases help set off a chain of command towards change; words, thoughts, feelings, actions, attractions, the world, the universe, infinity. Louise Hay and Abraham Hicks are my guyz for these affirmative-isations.

Saying daily affirmations helps reprogram our negative self-talk so we can manifest more positive thoughts, feelings and experiences in our lives. My go-to ones are; ‘I am love’ (dating game), ‘I work with and for people I love and respect who love and respect me’ (working gal), ‘my income is constantly increasing’ (mo-money), ‘I am always safe on the road’ (driving Miss Daisy) and ‘Everything is always working out for me’ (multi-purpose).

I try to say these on a loop. Starting from the time the miaow wakes me up in the morning, ‘this is a good day’ to the time I go nigh nighs, ‘I always sleep peacefully’ purrrr.  I have a few pinned up around me to brighten up the place and am particularly fond of my sassy mirror ones which tell me, “Holy sh*t! You look amazing!” I also try to reframe those insidious negative-ninny thoughts which seem to be on standby in moments of stress, fatigue or hangryness. “Why am I such an idiot?” becomes “I am always doing my best”. “I’m terrible at parking” becomes “I am getting better at parking every day”. “Why doesn’t he like me?” becomes “The right person will recognise me as someone to love”. “Why am I so fugly?” becomes, “Holy sh*t’ I look amazing”.

 Recently J.Lo was asked how she looks so banging at 49. As well as trotting out the usual exercise, skin care and healthy eating banter she said she tells herself, “I am youthful and timeless”, at least a few times a day. The world says affirmative to this affirmation J.Lo! And while some may quibble about my new-age sources, no one could ever cast aspersions on J.Lo and her youthful timelessness. So give it a try, yeah? Nothing to lose and a whole lotta affirmative action to gain.

Love and light and I am youthful and timeless and my love don’t cost a thing xxx Yvette

Louise Hay

Abraham Hicks

Jennifer Lopez







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