Wow wee!  Time flies and all that. It’s the silly season now. When one reflects on the year that’s been and the learnings that have emerged…and it’s hard not be hard on yourself. Progress can be slower and steadier than you think so while I’m not yet an enlightened loved-up, totally-buff babe, I hope the positive changes I’ve made will stick around long term.

Love-love-love: This has been one of my big ‘putting myself out there’ moments this year as I put myself ‘out there’ with an online dating profile, ‘out of my comfort zone’ with going on dates and ‘even more out there’ by sharing my adventures in my blog. The more honest I am, the more people respond, so blessings for your support dear reader. I’ve enjoyed the process of meeting new people more than I thought I would. My anxiety levels started at pretty-much-panic-attack and are now sitting at mildly-fluttery. So good exposure therapy. The men have been supportive and lovely (minus a few jerks) and I’ve made some good friends and broadened my experience of the world and been to a wider range of cafes, movies, theatre and restaurants. Like ones not in the Inner-North, who knew? Whether it’s been a one-sided spark, or a two-sided fizzle or firmly in the friend zone, everyone I’ve met has held up a mirror to an aspect of myself (uncomfortable, forgotten or joyous) and taught me a lesson. And that lesson always seems to be self-love; I am love and I vibrate at the frequency of love and everything is always working out for me.

Health nut: I’m thankful for my sobriety, especially at this time of the year when drunken celebrations abound and I now prefer to be up at-the-crack-of-dawn to go to the gym rather than be crawling home at the same time (smug soberite!). Some people are able to moderate it but for me nothing (rather-than-all) works and it’s been 2 and a half years since my last drink and a lifetime since my last confession. Dating without drinking has been a new caper too and while it’s potentially more awkward in the short term, it’s much less so in the long term (or at the very least, the next day). I am happy for others to drink around me but it’s no longer for me. It is important to be vigilant though as I have witnessed recently how one lolly snake consumed whilst babysitting easily turns into inhaling a whole-bag of party mix en route home from the supermarket. Then considering a trip back for more and obsessively thinking about it. Addict? Moi?  Slippery snakey slope! I’ve continued being paleo-ish and I’ve been a semi-regular gym bunny, doing my booty-building ‘Strong Curves’ program (booty to pop soon surely?). Next I’m feeling the pull to try some bodyweight exercise stuff (primalthenics dude seems ace) and get back into the yoga and swimming game. Simple stuff that feels good.

Working Girl: I’m still enjoying teaching the kiddies and moulding the minds of the next generation (eek. Scary thought). I like the contrast of noise and energy at work and very little noise and energy at home (except for Bella’s persistent miaowing at all hours. She’s ‘starving’ apparently). I have begun a Diploma of Kinesiology which I love but need to be more disciplined with the studying in between classes. I need some guinea pigs too to practice on, so hit me up if you’re local and willing to stop by for a balance. I’ll try not to hurt you! I have a vision of a future combining teaching and kinesiology-ness and writing too. I have loved writing and sharing and will continue to get bloggy-with-it next year. Any topics you’d like to see? Me writing about my experience riding into the sunset with the Gos perchance?

So thank you for the learnings 2018. Next!

 Love and light and and looking forward to a healthy-happy-loved-up 2019  Xxx Yvette

Contact me: yholdsworth@gmail.com

Strong Curves: https://bretcontreras.com/strong-curves-a-womans-guide-to-building-a-better-butt-and-body-sample-and-coaching-consultation-giveaway/

PrimalThenics: https://www.thehealthandfitnessguy.com.au/primalthenics/

“Everything is always working out for me” Abraham Hicks


By weavethefuturemagical

Hi guyz! I’m Yvette. I love to write about all things Minimalism, Mindfulness and Melbourne. The woo-woo makes me go woo-hoo! Much love xoxo @ me at yholdsworth@gmail.com


  1. Oh Yvette! It has been so lovely reading your blogs this year! I admire your dedication to the cause. I love your array of topics, and your raw energy is exhilarating. I look forward to seeing what you have install next year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Xo

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    1. Oh thanks 🙏 Mel for your support and encouragement! You always take the time to read and comment and I so appreciate it! Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things the new year brings for you 🥰💕❤️xxx


  2. Happy happy happy new year Yvette!!
    A wonderful blog. Thanks for all the honesty and generosity and openness. Loving your words of wisdom. Xx

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