He said…She said…

These guys are the bestest! Because;

  1. They went on a date with me
  2. I wrote about it
  3. I asked them to write about it
  4. They did

The Dead Letter Club date

He said…

I was: Excited and a little nervous

It started with: An enthusiastic greeting and a large platter of food

She was: Charming, chirpy, a little reserved

Reminded me of: My younger sister’s friends.

We talked about: Writing characters, balancing observation and reporting with enjoying the moment, friends in common.

We laughed about: The mechanics of online dating

I think she thought I was: Waiting to judge or lecture her, a little stern.

I thought she was: A little cautious but light-hearted and fun.

She brought out: My awareness of my overthinking, my anxiety about being older than her.

Dating Tip: Nothing makes contact if you refuse to let down your guard. The risk of appearing vulnerable is outweighed by the possibility of finding connection.

Song of the evening (or singer/movie/poem/song/book etc.): The event itself was the thing, the dead letter Club shenanigans

Best moment: I can’t think of a particular stand-out moment, overall the evening was very positive, we smiled a lot, we chatted happily…it was fun.

I resisted the urge to: Be more spontaneous and playful…probably a mistake.

It ended with: A really lovely hug outside the venue.

She said….

I was: Uncertain, google-mapping, collar-adjusting.

It started with: Me dashing in the door and waving effusively.

He was: Warm. Welcoming. Curious. Light.

Reminded me of: A wizard.

We talked about: Performing. Props. Literature. Friends-in-common.

We laughed about: How online dating was like “Inception”.

I think he thought I was: Inceptioning him.

I thought he was: Going to give me a stern talking to.

He brought out: My lightheartedness.

Dating Tip: The quality of the messages are important even if you never meet.

Letter writers of the evening: Nervous Nephew and Heathcliff.

Best moment: When the letter he received brought a tear to his eye.

I resisted the urge to: Ask him what Mr. Snuffleupagus was really like.

It ended with: Laughs and chats with the hostess.


The Spoken Word Date

He said…

I was: Calm and open

It started with: A smile

She was: Comfort; heartwarming; tall; matched her profile

Reminded me of: A friend, though not any specific one

We talked about: Relationship dynamics and evolving as people

We laughed about: Things to text dating app ghosts

I think she thought I was: Nice but “just a hug” nice

I thought she was: Evolving, like me, but maybe not close enough to evolve together

She brought out: My inspiration and creativity

Dating Tip: Be open, even a single date can create special memories

Spoken Word of the evening: Being inspired by her to read my “Saturnboots” dating app ghost text as a spoken word piece

Best moment: Her reading me her “5 First Dates” at the tram stop

I resisted the urge to: Sit closer in the booth so our legs would touch

It ended with: Just a hug

She said…

I was: Mildly anxious, underprepared, hair-scrunching.

It started with:  A wave through the window.

He was: Silver. Clad in black. Thoughtful. Giggly.

Reminded me of: How good it feels to try new things.

We talked about: Books. Poetry. Adversity. Comfort zones.

We laughed about: The damp couch we were sitting on.

I think he thought I was: Supportive.

I thought he was: Brave.

He brought out: My poetic side.

Dating Tip: Combat ghosting with comedy.

Poem of the evening: Espresso with God in an Elwood cafe.

Best moment: When he suddenly got up to read his piece.

I resisted the urge to: Ask him to send him me a reading list.

It ended with: A helmet holding hug.

The Local Café Coffee Date

 He said…

I was: Nervous & hopeful.

It started with:  A kiss on the cheek.

She was: Wearing a pink top.

Reminded me of:  My first girlfriend

We talked about: Canberra

We laughed about:  Canberra

We cried about: Canberra

I think she thought I was: Too old, too this & too that.

I thought she was: Pretty and quirky

She brought out:  Champagne and kissed me, woops, she brought out her phone.

Dating Tip:  Don’t mistake phones for champagne.

Song of the evening: Footloose.

Best moment: Kissing

I resisted the urge to:  Kiss

It ended with: A hug.

She said…

I was: Fluttery, hot, unplaiting and replaiting my hair.

It started with: Him smiling and waving as he came down the street.

He was: Gap-toothed. Steady. Straw-hatted. Creative.

Reminded me of: A puppy.

We talked about: The hood. Jobs. Acting. Comedy.

We laughed about: Whether I’d write about it.

I think he thought I was: Going to write about it.

I thought he was: Twinkly.

He brought out: My memories of studying drama.

Dating Tip: You realise that people are so nice.

Celebrity of the afternoon: Julia Zemiro.

Best moment: We’re coming straight outta Canberra!

I resisted the urge to: Ask if I could try on his hat.

It ended with: Me asking him to keep me posted about his upcoming shows.

It’s so true! You do realise how people are so nice when you go dating. Hope springs eternal and hope’s even better than Jon Hamm!

Love and light xxx Yvette and co.


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