Thank U. Next!

Ariana Grande has great hair, a great voice and a great attitude. A dead ex-boyfriend, a dead-beat ex-boyfriend, a very short-lived engagement and she’s spun it into self-love gold with her anthem, ‘Thank U, Next’. With an awesome teen movie inspired clip (link below)! It’s so true that rather than stay with the bitterness and blame that can come with break-ups, we’d do better to see them as lessons to be f**king grateful for and get us more ready for what’s coming next! Surely a Jon-Hamm-handsome type…But for now I’d like to say ‘Thank you. Next!’ to a few people…

The one who broke my heart. It was love at first sight. I literally saw love-hearts exploding out of his head. Of course, this was in my party days so it may have been substance-induced. I dived in, moved in, dropped everything. I was all about him now. I breathed Him, Him, Him. Unfortunately, he was all about him too. He breathed Me, Me, Me. The pattern was quickly established. He’d give love. And then withdraw it. We’d fight. And then make up. He’d kick me out. And then beg me to come back. The ground was shaky. I was never good enough. I couldn’t concentrate on anything else when I was breathing Him, Him, Him. The relationship exploded and so did my heart. But I surprised myself with the heart’s ability to keep beating and my ability to re-establish firm ground beneath me and slowly start to breathe Life, Life, Life again. So, thank you for teaching me that love does not lose itself in another and the heart does go on. Next!

The one who was depressed. It was so easy. I was down. He was down. It was like sitting down in a warm bath. We didn’t need to talk. We just were and I stared blankly out the window. We liked the same TV shows and one episode rolled into 12. Enabling each other’s binge watching before Netflix was even a thing. Everything was a chore. Oh God. We need to eat food again? Oh God. We need to go shopping again?  Oh God. We need to do those job things again? Misery loves company and 2 negatives did not make a positive. I was he and he was me and what goes down, can go down even further together. I think this was co-dependence. No one took the lead and so we both followed rambling along and getting no where. I grew weary of being weary and realised no one else could make me happier. I had to do it myself. I put him down and he put me down and at first it felt like I was missing a limb but the pain got duller and we drifted into distant friendship. So thank you for teaching me that no one can ‘complete me’ and happiness must come from within. Next!

All the other ones. You dumped me. Or I ditched you. Regardless of the way it ended, with one big bang or a wimper, thank you.  One taught me love.  One taught me patience. And one taught me pain.  You were holding up a mirror to me and taught me a valuable lesson, self-love. I’ve loved and I’ve lost. But that’s not what I see. So, look what I got. Look what you taught me. And for that, I say…

  Thank you, next bitch!

Love and light xxx Yvette

Ariana Grande: Thank U. Next!






By weavethefuturemagical

Hi guyz! I’m Yvette. I love to write about all things Minimalism, Mindfulness and Melbourne. The woo-woo makes me go woo-hoo! Much love xoxo @ me at


  1. Bit of a balancing act though, isn’t it – being brave enough to be open to love, yet smart enough to keep your own spirit independently pumping when you are involved with someone? Sounds like you know that though. Great read, as always

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  2. Wonderful to read of progress. Love the realization of self live and self worth and it’s often easier said than done! Another entertaining and thought provoking entry. Go you!!! Xx

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