5 More First Dates

The Lunch Date

I was: Nervous, wrapped up, plait swinging.

It started with: Me going to hug him as he held out his hand to shake mine.

He was: Intense. Wry. To –the- point. Buttoned-up.

Reminded me of: Alan Rickman.

We talked about: Travel. Sydney. War. Property.

We laughed about: Me insisting he try the gelato. He didn’t.

I think he thought I was: Stirring him.

I thought he was: A good storyteller.

He brought out: My ability to pot-stir.

Dating Tip: You get credit for showing up and being present.

Lyric of the day: You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up.

Best moment: Him cutting me off from another coffee.

I resisted the urge to: Be even sillier.

It ended with: 2 hugs.


The Morning Coffee Date

I was: Nervous, swallowing, fringe -smoothing.

It started with: Me insisting on a ‘hippy hug’.

He was: Preppy. Attentive. Gentle. Honest.

Reminded me of: A high-school date.

We talked about: Children. Growing up. Footy. Family.

We laughed about: Me fashioning my cardi as a sun shield.

I think he thought I was: Friendly.

I thought he was: Sweet.

He brought out: My teacher self.

Dating Tip: Keep messages short. Use a creative ice-breaker.

Object of the morning: Power poles.

Best moment: Comparing childhood scars.

I resisted the urge to: Pat him on the shoulder.

It ended with: Him making the phone call sign with his hand.


The Movie Date

I was: Nervous, rushing, cardigan flying.

It started with: Me texting.

He was: Analytical. Alert. Smizing. Cynical.

Reminded me of: A debate.

We talked about: Writing. Movies. Schooling. Cats.

We laughed about: Actors being ‘quite’ good at acting and ‘very’ good at being good-looking.

I think he thought I was: Joking about liking Taylor Swift.

I thought he was: Contrary.

He brought out: My inner writer.

Dating Tip: Share only what you need to. Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Debate of the day: I was definitely NOT joking about liking Taylor Swift.

Best moment: Plucking Jasmine in the courtyard.

I resisted the urge to: Hold acupressure points on his hand against his will.

It ended with: A walk to the car in the rain.


The City Coffee Date

I was: Nervous, shallow-breathing, lip- balm applying,.

It started with: Me waiting for him to finish a work call.

He was: Animated. Positive. Effusive. Confident.

Reminded me of: An episode of Utopia.

We talked about: Language. Learning. Animation. Attitude.

We laughed about: His pronunciation of ‘about’.

I think he thought I was: Optimistic.

I thought he was: Enthusiastic.

He brought out: My sunny side.

Dating Tip: You need to meet and see if the vibe is positive or negative. There’s no time for negativity.

Disney character of the afternoon: Cinderella in the ball gown.

Best moment: Him disapproving of Drake swearing.

I resisted the urge to: Impersonate his accent.

It ended with: A hug as he received a work call.


The Cocktail Bar Date

I was: Nervous, disorientated, shirt-tucking.

It started with: Us both arriving early and sitting on opposite sides of the bar.

He was: Smooth. Reserved. Curious. Shiny-shoed.

Reminded me of: A job interview.

We talked about: Weather. Travel. The UK. Sport.

We laughed about: Getting trapped in Ikea.

I think he thought I was: Shy.

I thought he was: Professional.

He brought out: My dorkiness.

Dating Tip: I was his first date! I spluttered something about it being interesting and fun to meet new people. The student has become the master.

Show Discussed: EastEnders.

Best moment: His planned pilgrimage to the Big Pineapple.

I resisted the urge to: Ask if I’d made it to the second stage of interviews.

It ended with: Awkwardly realising we were both heading in the same direction.











By weavethefuturemagical

Hi guyz! I’m Yvette. I love to write about all things Minimalism, Mindfulness and Melbourne. The woo-woo makes me go woo-hoo! Much love xoxo @ me at yholdsworth@gmail.com


  1. Oh gosh this so good, and engaging! I know before the next date, blog him, send him one of your blog pieces and how he reacts might determine a lot. A like will be like a weak handshake’ while a big, effusive comment might indicate possibly compatibility. At least second date material. Or second blog anyway. No comment might hurt but it will spare a crap date!!!😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha brilliant Yvette!
    Very evocative-especially the man on the work call- priorities!!
    Throw the balls up in the air so to speak and see which one lands…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Another great read. I love the way you have described your dates. Very interesting to read the type of date, such as The Morning Coffee Date, plus how you both interacted with each other. Look forward to reading more of your blogs. xxx

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