The Lunch Date

I was: Nervous, wrapped up, plait swinging.

It started with: Me going to hug him as he held out his hand to shake mine.

He was: Intense. Wry. To –the- point. Buttoned-up.

Reminded me of: Alan Rickman.

We talked about: Travel. Sydney. War. Property.

We laughed about: Me insisting he try the gelato. He didn’t.

I think he thought I was: Stirring him.

I thought he was: A good storyteller.

He brought out: My ability to pot-stir.

Dating Tip: You get credit for showing up and being present.

Lyric of the day: You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up.

Best moment: Him cutting me off from another coffee.

I resisted the urge to: Be even sillier.

It ended with: 2 hugs.


The Morning Coffee Date

I was: Nervous, swallowing, fringe -smoothing.

It started with: Me insisting on a ‘hippy hug’.

He was: Preppy. Attentive. Gentle. Honest.

Reminded me of: A high-school date.

We talked about: Children. Growing up. Footy. Family.

We laughed about: Me fashioning my cardi as a sun shield.

I think he thought I was: Friendly.

I thought he was: Sweet.

He brought out: My teacher self.

Dating Tip: Keep messages short. Use a creative ice-breaker.

Object of the morning: Power poles.

Best moment: Comparing childhood scars.

I resisted the urge to: Pat him on the shoulder.

It ended with: Him making the phone call sign with his hand.


The Movie Date

I was: Nervous, rushing, cardigan flying.

It started with: Me texting.

He was: Analytical. Alert. Smizing. Cynical.

Reminded me of: A debate.

We talked about: Writing. Movies. Schooling. Cats.

We laughed about: Actors being ‘quite’ good at acting and ‘very’ good at being good-looking.

I think he thought I was: Joking about liking Taylor Swift.

I thought he was: Contrary.

He brought out: My inner writer.

Dating Tip: Share only what you need to. Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Debate of the day: I was definitely NOT joking about liking Taylor Swift.

Best moment: Plucking Jasmine in the courtyard.

I resisted the urge to: Hold acupressure points on his hand against his will.

It ended with: A walk to the car in the rain.


The City Coffee Date

I was: Nervous, shallow-breathing, lip- balm applying,.

It started with: Me waiting for him to finish a work call.

He was: Animated. Positive. Effusive. Confident.

Reminded me of: An episode of Utopia.

We talked about: Language. Learning. Animation. Attitude.

We laughed about: His pronunciation of ‘about’.

I think he thought I was: Optimistic.

I thought he was: Enthusiastic.

He brought out: My sunny side.

Dating Tip: You need to meet and see if the vibe is positive or negative. There’s no time for negativity.

Disney character of the afternoon: Cinderella in the ball gown.

Best moment: Him disapproving of Drake swearing.

I resisted the urge to: Impersonate his accent.

It ended with: A hug as he received a work call.


The Cocktail Bar Date

I was: Nervous, disorientated, shirt-tucking.

It started with: Us both arriving early and sitting on opposite sides of the bar.

He was: Smooth. Reserved. Curious. Shiny-shoed.

Reminded me of: A job interview.

We talked about: Weather. Travel. The UK. Sport.

We laughed about: Getting trapped in Ikea.

I think he thought I was: Shy.

I thought he was: Professional.

He brought out: My dorkiness.

Dating Tip: I was his first date! I spluttered something about it being interesting and fun to meet new people. The student has become the master.

Show Discussed: EastEnders.

Best moment: His planned pilgrimage to the Big Pineapple.

I resisted the urge to: Ask if I’d made it to the second stage of interviews.

It ended with: Awkwardly realising we were both heading in the same direction.