The Bar Date

I was: Nervous, cold, boots clip-clopping.

It started with: Him squeezing my hands to warm them up.

He was: Tall. Craggy. Dry. Talkative.

Reminded me of: A mountain goat in a good way.

We talked about: Children. Photography. Sobriety. I was he wasn’t.

We laughed about: Him talking with his hands like he was playing the piano.

I think he thought I was: Naive.

I thought he was: Worldly.

He brought out: My sharper self.

Dating Tip: Cut through to the real person ASAP. Show your true self.

Song of the evening: “Message to you Rudy”. The Specials.

Best moment: Me dropping my ‘rock’ and him calling me a bad hippy.

I resisted the urge to: Rest my head on his shoulder.

It ended with: Me standing on my toes to hug him.

The Tea Room Date

I was: Nervous, sweaty, hair-twirling.

It started with: A handshake.

He was: Stocky. Businessy. Direct. Philosophical.

Reminded me of: A French bull dog.

We talked about: Soul. Spirit. The nature of relationships.

We laughed about: Him researching me.

I think he thought I was: Floaty.

I thought he was: Surprising.

He brought out: My philosophical self.

Dating Tip: Think of it like being a traveller through people’s lives.

Word of the afternoon: Delightful.

Best moment: The tea flower blooming.

I resisted the urge to: Link arms with him on the walk.

It ended with: A walk to the train station.

The Restaurant Date

I was: Nervous, thirsty, gum-chewing.

It started with: A hug.

He was: Solid. Spectacled. Nerdy. Relaxed.

Reminded me of: A University Professor.

We talked about: Teaching. Studying. Change. Greek Mythology.

We laughed about: Him doing a runner before the bill came.

I think he thought I was: Funny.

I thought he was: Calm.

He brought out: My studious self.

Dating Tip: You have nothing to lose.

Movie of the night: “Three Amigos”.

Best moment: Story of Achilles.

I resisted the urge to: Do a runner. (JK)

It ended with: A kiss on the cheek.

The Walking Date:

I was: Nervous, hooded, crystal-clutching.

It started with: A hug/ handshake combo.

He was: Friendly. Calm. Polite. Rugged-up.

Reminded me of: An old friend.

We talked about: Cycling, family, travel, chickens.

We laughed about: The funny looking chickens.

I think he thought I was: Easygoing.

I thought he was: A good listener.

He brought out: My outdoorsy side.

Dating Tip: You meet some lovely people. Sometimes you need a break from it.

Animal of the morning: Bootylicious Bantams.

Best moment: Discovering we have the same birthday.

I resisted the urge to: Keep walking indefinitely.

It ended with: Texting photos of chickens and cacti.

The Café Date

I was: Nervous, already giggling, hands-in-pockets.

It started with: A text en route.

He was: Bearded. Wide-eyed. Funny. Smiling.

Reminded me of: Being a kid.

We talked about: TV. Movies. Music. Podcasts.

We laughed about: Everything.

I think he thought I was: Like him.

I thought he was: Like me.

He brought out: My comedy self.

Dating Tip: Have no expectations. It could go either way.

Show of the day: Seinfeld.

Best moment: Giggling about the fugly ones in boy bands.

I resisted the urge to: Speak in comedy quotes only.

It ended with: Me escorting him down the street.