My minimal aspirations have had me on the hunt for the perfect capsule wardrobe. I envision fondling the fine fabrics as I do the Marie Kondo fold into my carry on luggage. My whole wardrobe on wheels. Outfits suited for every and any occasion. C’est possible?

Cold Comfort Farm: I have learnt the hard (and expensive) way that if something isn’t comfortable, I will not wear it. A la George Costanza, I would live in tracksuits if it wasn’t telling the world, “ I give up. I can’t compete in normal society. I’m miserable, so I might as well be comfortable.”* So I go with one (small) step up: stretchy pants and t.shirts. These form the wardrobe base.

Shades of Grey: For some reason, I keep coming back to grey. If one is re-wearing their clothing on the regular, it’s less noticeable if you’re wearing (what we in the fashun world call) a neutral rather than a brightly coloured hue. So grey t.shirts and hoodies are a mainstay with the occasional black or maroon layer (sort of maroony, burgundy-ish crimson*) if I want to push the boat out a bit.

Apple bottom jeans: Boots with the fur! My hunt for the perfect pair of jeans is endless. I have several pairs I like but alas the perfect one eludes me. My comfiest pair is from K.mart but is fashun-ably ripped so inappropriate for all occasions. I did the most Melbourne of things, queuing up to try on and have tailored a pair of jeans at Dejour jeans in Brunswick. It was ‘an experience’: the waiting outside, the waiting to try on, the waiting to be tailored, the makeshift feel of the shop, the trendy helpful staff and the on-site adjustments. I bought a pair of dark denim flares that were taken in and up to fit my figure and I like them but…they are not the comfiest. The hunt continues and until then I’m mostly seen in a denim skirt.

Quality vs. quantity: I love a bargain but a little investment goes a long way and it’s better to shell out on one lovely leather pair of boots that’ll last years rather than scrimp on a pleather pair that’ll need replacement every few months. I’m not too spendy but I do like my layers from Uniqlo and my t.shirts from AS Colour. I recently got some black and white Nike sneakers that I’m totally enamoured with. Another thing I’ve learnt the hard way is I need to try things on. I’ve bought too many black jumpsuits online that I love the idea of, but they don’t fit properly and promptly get op-shopped.

And so….I’m off and hunting again. What are your wardobe go-to’s? Are you a clothing minimalist or maximalist?

 Love and light and watch out for me and my wheel-on coming to a city near you xxx Yvette


*Seinfeld Quotes:

*A bit of Fry and Laurie Sketch quotes: A hat? A hat? What kind of hat? Sort of maroony, burgundy-ish crimson. Damn it man, you mean red. If it’s red say so.

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