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I was listening to a podcast (Wilosophy with comedian Alex Edelman) where Alex said that magic comes from following your interests with passion as you find like minded people to share them with and you get better at and learn more about the things you love. This renewed in me a resolve to enthusiastically pursue my interests without worrying about if they are contributing my career trajectory or if they are deemed ‘uncool; by others. I’m a Johnny-come-lately to the footy thing (go Swans) but love the passion and energy of the thousands of people supporting their teams with enthusiasm and much shouting and then harmoniously catching the train home together.

Laffs: I love havin’ a laugh and getting up to all sorts and spent a good portion of my youth watching and re-watching videos (VHS –eek-so old school) of “The Late Show” and “The Doug Anthony Allstars” (complete with inappropriate songs like “I F**k dogs’). This passion has continued with me attending a number of comedy festival shows each year and slavishly watching comedies and quoting “Seinfeld” and “Anchorman” ad nauseam.

The Pictures: I wasn’t an especially sporty child (quelle surprise) and spent many hours watching Bill Collins classic movies on TV. Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire movies were my favourites and inspired the title of my sister, Alicia Malone’s book on women in Hollywood, “Backwards and in Heels” as Ginger did everything Fred did only backwards and in heels. I still make an almost weekly pilgrimage to the cinema and love everything from the highbrow arty films to the mainstream flicks.

Book worm: I’m oft with my head in a book and ideally in bed or in the bath. My passion for reading developed early as a form of entertainment that could be done alone, anywhere, anytime. I love reading classics and commercial fiction and everything in between. I will sometimes feel like something extremely exciting is happening in my life and then I remember…no that’s in the book I’m reading and I can’t wait to get back to it.

We of the woo-woo: I love self-help books, angel cards, moon rituals and the law of attraction. I sometimes feel hesitant to share this love with others as it feels a bit hippy-dippy or woo-woo wacky. But it is a passion I enjoy and one I am resolved to follow with enthusiasm and waft of lavender.

What likes do you lean into?

Love and light and Buddy Franklin fan xxx Yvette

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