Try me out

Try me out, please baby try me out. Just take a chance because I wanna be yours.  Wanna love you.

 So go the eloquent mid-90’s song lyrics which are extremely catchy and relevant. These are some things I’m currently trying out and taking a chance on….

Square eyes: What to do when you’ve seemingly watched all the shows? Try out some new ones as Winter evenings are the ideal couch/ cat/ blankie environment to do so in. For chuckles…the rag tag 99 crew on “Brooklyn 99” (Netflix), for drama… the fierce females of “Killing Eve” (ABC i-view) and for the combo of drama and comedy… “Get Shorty” (Stan). Chris O’Dowd can do no wrong in my eyes. ‘Tanks matey’.

Bootylicious: I’m currently following the Bootyful Beginnings program from the book “Strong Curves” by Brett-the Glute Guy-Contreras. Glutes are the largest muscles in the body and strengthening these has the knock on effect of supporting your back and core and creating a curvy shape (fingers crossed). The program is 3-4 strength sessions a week with a sprinkling of cardio as desired. I’ll soon hopefully be looking hot, smelling good and grooving like I’m from the hood.

 Forgiveness Prayer: Holding onto bitterness and resentment is highly unhealthy but forgiving someone for their behaviour can be challenging. Marianne Williamson suggests praying for this person’s happiness for 30 days and watching the feelings transform. Either they will change their behaviour or you won’t care anymore but either way you’re free! I’m currently on Day 3 and already this process has lightened the load.

Early birding: Early morning is my favourite time of the day and it’s definitely the most peaceful. Instead of pushing myself through a routine, I’m doing a bit of whatever I feel like. Sometimes it’s reading or affirmations, usually it’s glute activation exercises but always it’s coffee and meditation. And singing loudly in the car to a playlist of Violent Femmes or Taylor Swift. There’s no judgement in the safe confines of my Toyota Yaris.

All that’s left to say is…

I’ll make you crazy for a treat. Don’t think it’s hard, just feel my heat. I know we’re friends but I want much, much more.

 Love and light and I’ll be the girl for you, honey, let me be yours xxx Yvette

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By weavethefuturemagical

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  1. Haven’t heard Try me out before, have enjoyed listing to it. Pleased you have been watching “Killing Eve” – we binged on the series watching two episodes a night until we finished it. Enjoy your Bootyful Beginnings program from “Strong Curves”. Sounds like a great program to follow over winter. Singing in the car when I am on my own is great as I really can’t sing at all but it is fun to try – haven’t attempted anything as loud as you but it sounds like fun!!!

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