Something about travel always makes me contemplate life and see things in different ways. As soon as I get into the Uber to the airport, the world takes on a new hue. I feel nostalgic looking at the window as the urban becomes the suburban and the suburban merges into the freeway then splits into terminals. The lights of the city look so beautiful I could cry and my life seems so far away. I was so young. Sniff. Jesus! I haven’t even got to the airport yet. Let alone reached my destination.

So now I’m at the airport with my $5.20 coffee in a paper cup. I insisted on almond milk despite not being made of money. Everyone is so interesting. My curiosity and observations sharpen as I take in the harassed mother with a ginger child in each hand and 2 more in tow. The business men having beer. It’s not 8am yet. Who am I to judge? A wine before take-off used to be essential in my drinking dayz. A few fellow solo travellers. A Becky with the good hair. A rumpled handsome man in jeans…ooh…Wedding ring! Moving swiftly on… the baristas chatting about uni (oh to be young) getting interrupted by coffee orders.

I’m off to Sydney for a week. I really should travel more. I’ve often fancied being the Australian equivalent of ‘bi-coastal’. Flying between Sydney and Melbourne on the regular. People who travel a lot for work are quick to reassure me that the novelty wears off fast. To them I say. Even with lounge access? Are you crazy? Food and magazines and charger sockets. Sounds like heaven to me.

Once on the plane, I’m looking carefully at the people around me in case it’s a “Lost” situation. Who would be handy to have along on ‘the island’? Preferably someone buff who’s experienced at fishing and handy at knocking up a hut.

Travel always seems to heighten the senses and give one a greater perspective on their life. The journey often more important than the destination and I’ve splashed out for Qantas so I’m anticipating a light snack and a sitcom to go along with all that contemplation.

Wish I would’ve gotten out of my shell. Wish I put that bottle back on the shelf. Wish I wouldn’t have worried about what other people thought and felt comfortable in myself.” *

Perhaps I will try to bring a sense of this travelling perspective to my daily life. Appreciate the beauty in the everyday, be curious about everyone and apply a sense of detachment to the outcome and just enjoy the ride.

Love and light and dreams of lounge life xxx Yvette

*Macklemore “Good old days”.










By weavethefuturemagical

Hi guyz! I’m Yvette. I love to write about all things Minimalism, Mindfulness and Melbourne. The woo-woo makes me go woo-hoo! Much love xoxo @ me at


  1. Reading this is really making me want to book another holiday! Like you, I love the journey to the airport, the time spent waiting in airports at duty free and the check-in gates, and then the quiet time spent on planes. I love every little thing about travelling – especially travelling solo – and, like I said before, I’m itching to get away again.

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