Have you ever had a feeling that something good or bad was going to happen? Like, you thought about taking the back streets home and then had a sick feeling in your stomach and thought ‘no’ for no apparent reason and found out later there was a crash in that street. Or you meet someone and instantly feel connected like you’ve known them your whole life and you get a warm fuzzy feeling. Or you’re thinking about someone and then they call. This is our intuition or sixth sense (I see dead people. In your dreams? No, walking around like regular people). It’s a very powerful internal guidance system that is like a muscle which gets stronger the more it’s used. So how does it work and how can we strengthen it?

Peace out: Sonia Choquette is an intuitive healer and in her book, “Trust Your Vibes”, she describes the ways in which we can tune into our intuition and use it to enrich our lives. The first step in listening to your intuition is to take care of yourself and then create space and time to hear it. If you’re overtired, stressed out or running on adrenalin, you won’t be able to tune in and listen to what your heart or spirit is telling you as you’re too frazzled. Create more space by getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising and spending time in nature. Get quiet and give your mind time to tune in. Ask yourself, ‘what does my heart say? What feeling do I have about this’ and say aloud anything that pops into your head.

It is written: The more signs, feelings and hunches you see and notice, the more you’ll see and notice. Carry a little notebook with you when you can record these things (the notes app in your phone works too). A chance meeting with someone new. A dream with a future vision. A recurring song or number you see everywhere. Write these down and you’ll soon notice patterns, coincidences or links between them.

Surrender your control: I love to know how, when and what things are going to happen. But the Universe has a plan and you need to surrender and release control. When you’re in this state of receptivity, you’ll get clearer and stronger flashes of intuition or insight. Instead of saying , ‘I must fall in love with a Ryan Gosling-like person that I meet at yoga next week’ I should trust that the Universe has heard my request and is bringing in everything in the perfect way, time and space sequence. To get into a more receptive state, you can meditate, have a bath, go for a walk and sit in nature. Relax and breathe and know that everything is unfolding as it should and there’s no need to push.

Heart or head: Many of us make decisions using our head over our heart. But often what looks good on paper isn’t necessary what’s in alignment with what our heart wants. A job you apply for could sound great on paper but when you go for the interview you get an unsettled feeling, uncertainty, bad vibes. Should you trust what your head thinks (salary, perks etc.) or what your heart feels (get out, get out!) and how do you know which is which? One exercise you can do to gain clarity is to imagine yourself inside your head (mini me you complete me) and climbing down a ladder into your heart. There are 2 doors here. Open one and step into the reality where you take the job and open the other and step into the reality where you don’t. Which one feels better?

If the focus is on feeling rather than thinking it will be quite different. It’s always more aligned with our true self to listen to our heart and intuition. Do you trust your intuition dear reader?

Love and light and feel your spidey senses tingling xxx Yvette

 Sonia Choquette: https://soniachoquette.net/