Over the holidays-hurrah! Rare teacher perk-I followed a ‘magic’ formula for things to do each day that have a positive impact on mind, body and spirit. Behold M-M-W-G-F. A not so catchy acronym for: Move-Meditate-Write-Gratitude-Fun. I did these things on the daily and loved every minute of it and I’d do it again I tells ya! Don’t think I won’t.

I like to move it move it: The first M is for ‘Move’. Yes I’m still banging on about the importance of moving your body and being physically active to put yourself in a better mental, physical and emotional state. Sometimes I catch myself feeling almost manically happy afterwards. Which is… strange but not unpleasant. Whether it be a sweaty gym session, a stretchy YouTube yoga class or a promenade along the Merri Creek, doing at least one movement thing daily makes me feel good.

Don’t hate-meditate: The second M is for ‘Meditate’. I’ve stopped and started many kinds of meditation on my quest to be more Zen but have found increased calmness and clarity when I’ve managed to practice regularly. I’m currently doing Oprah and Deepak’s 21 Day Meditation Experience. Look under your chairs. Everyone is going home with inner peace! This is an awesome 20 minute session daily where she talks and then he gives you a mantra and then there’s some soothing music and you focus on breathing and the mantra (some are harder to remember than others. Om Shanti is the old classic). It does seem to help make some space inside the old brain. Otherwise I use the Headspace and Insight Timer Apps.

Express yourself: The W is for ‘write’ but you can substitute anything that you’re passionate about here. For me, it’s writing this self-indulgent blog that people may or may not read (except for Mum and my mate Dave who always do-cheers!) that I’ve committed to writing and sharing weekly. I work well within a structure and a weekly blog gives me enough time to create but not too much time to overthink. A little bit of writing every day, is a good habit and a good outlet and something I enjoy regardless of the outcome. In “Big Magic” Elizabeth Gilbert says “Work with all your heart, because—I promise—if you show up for your work day after day after day after day, you just might get lucky enough some random morning to burst right into bloom.”

#blessed #grateful: Gratitude is great and tunes you into the goodness around. I’m doing the challenge of writing 3 different things I’m grateful for each day for 30 days. This has me actively seeking it and noticing all the small things.

Are we having fun yet?: Wouldn’t you like to have fun…fun…fun? How about a few laughs? I’ve been doing something fun each day that brings me joy. I’ve seen comedy shows and movies, danced at 5 rhythms, had massages and manicures, gone on a trip to the country and caught up with friends. It’s fun to plan and do something fun each day. Who knew?! While it may not be possible to continue to do this daily when I’m back working it, I have written a list of fun things and aim to do at least 2 each week. This has me actively seeking joy and repeating it.

Try it and see if you like it dear reader!

Love and light and M-M-W-G-F 4 Lyf! Xxx Yvette

Oprah and Deepak https://chopracentermeditation.com/

Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic”: https://fourminutebooks.com/big-magic-summary/