I’ve been collecting things for my box. Literal things, imaginary things and remembered things (I was busy thinking bout boys). Pictures of things I want (babes and beach houses) ripped from magazines, screen shot-ed or happy snapped and written down memories of things I see and would like (a couple laughing, a family travelling, a handsome barista). It’s like a vision board in a box. I got this idea from the collective consciousness Abraham Hicks who call it a Creation box. They suggest getting a box which is pleasing to the eye (mine has gold polkadots) and writing on it, Whatever is contained in this box—IS!” and say this every time you drop in something delicious.

That’s for me: I’m a Louise Hay devotee don’t cha know! Her message is that our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings create our world. Rather than walk past a big beautiful house and say, “I could never afford to live there”, she said to say to yourself, “that’s for me”. It can be hard when you want something and you suddenly see every bloody man and his dog with it. Why do lovey-dovey couples suddenly appear? Every time I am near?! Instead of focusing on the lack, the ‘why not me?’, I try to focus on the ‘that’s for me’. And breathe in the feeling of having it (not in too creepy a way-don’t sniff their hair) and be grateful for having it before it arrives. Thank you universe forever and ever and ever.

What’s in the box? I’m giddy with all the goodness in my box. It’s like a box of birds. No real estate brochure was safe on my recent trip to New Zealand. Into the box went beach and country baches (what they call holiday homes-pronounced batch-bless their cotton socks), happy families, handsome strangers, chubby babies, tiny tittens. In went written memories of fun times, beauty seen and compliments received (more of these please Universe). The boyfriend who hugged his girlfriend and said ‘we did it!’ as they climbed up the hill, the groom who said his bride was ‘the prettiest girl he’s ever seen and the kindest person he’s ever met’ (sniff), the little girl with the blonde curls and the cubby cheeks and the ice-cream cone. In! In! In! My box would really give Disneyland a run for its money as the happiest place on Earth.

I’m finding that as I’m looking around at the world with a view to finding things for my box, I see more and more things for my box. Do you have a magic box? Or a Masterchef mystery box? What would you put in yours?

Love and light and what’s in the box xxx Yvette

Abraham Hicks box:

Charli XCX ‘Boys’: