Feeling Poorly

This week I’ve been sick. Sick as a dog. Feeling poorly as our British friends would say. Now this seems outrageous to me. I’ve been dedicated to my to-do list of eating well, sleep and exercise and still I’m in a snot-faced, cough-up-a-lung, sinus-balloon-head state. How can I deal with this when I often smugly say, ‘I’m always healthy and I don’t believe in having days off”? I’ve also felt alone and sorry for myself. I’m dying. Who will make me soup and fetch me pharmaceuticals? Sniff! I’ll have to haul my sick-ass out into the world and do-it-my-bloody-self! There are some self-love lessons to learn of course when one is ill.

 Listen to your body: Your body has infinite wisdom about how to heal itself. If it’s craving veggie soup, give it some. Or vegemite toast, nom-nom-nom. More sleep, ditto. We’re often used to pushing ourselves to do everything at once and at a fast pace. But if we listen, we might hear something different. Even though I was feeling blah, it was my exercise day, so exercise I did. Or should I say exercise I began. Soon I was coughing and dizzy and husky breathing (and not in a sexy way) and had to concede I could not exercise today. I would lie down instead. My body had messages for me such as bath and bed which were different from the in my head messages of exercise and work but I gave in and listened to my body.

 In a glass-cage of emotion: Louise Hay connects all physical symptoms to their emotional cause. I looked into the cause of my snot, sinus and cough in her book, “You can Heal Your Life” and found that they meant that there was ‘lack of clarity, unexpressed frustration , overwhelm’. It is a very emotional time of year with a lot going on, plus it started with the full moon and the mercury retrograde (Dec 3-22) so it all made sense if you’re into that kinda thang. I said the affirmations and I visualised my body being healthy and strong.

A day now saves a week later: Now unfortunately I didn’t do this one as I wanted to maintain my unblemished sick leave record. No Ferris Bueller’s day off for me (you’re not dying, you just can’t think of anything good to do). As soon as you feel the dreaded lurgie coming on, if you can, it is best to stop, drop and roll. Dose up on all the lemon-ginger-honey drinks known to man and get into bed and sleep it off. Call in sick for a day now or you may be facing a week off later. I plan to get better at this one soon. No one has ever given me a bloody prize for not having a sick day but many who have worked with me when I have been poorly may well have wished I was more coherent. If you can, knock the illness on the head, dose up on home made remedies and recite affirmations until the cows come home.

Dear reader, I’m pleased to report that the worst has passed so I will take the air and the vapours and hope it won’t come to blood letting. Looking after myself better will continue to be an aim as 2017 turns to 2018. How do you cope with feeling poorly friend?

Love and light and life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Xxx Yvette

 Mercury Retrograde December

 You can heal your life

Ferris Bueller bit


By weavethefuturemagical

Hi guyz! I’m Yvette. I love to write about all things Minimalism, Mindfulness and Melbourne. The woo-woo makes me go woo-hoo! Much love xoxo @ me at yholdsworth@gmail.com


  1. So sorry to hear that you have been feeling poorly. Not much fun and I can understand how it seems outrageous to you as it sounds like you always look after yourself. You have some interesting advice in there such as Listen to your body and A day now saves a week later (even though you weren’t able to follow that one and went to work instead). You did say that you plan to get better at this one soon.

    I hope that you are feeling a lot better and look forward to your next blog.

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    1. Thanks so much. Yes it’s been a hard but valuable lesson to learn that sometimes you need to slow down and rest even if it’s inconvenient. Am feeling much better and I’m looking forward to writing and sharing my blog each week xxx


  2. It’s so frustrating when you’re sick but you really do have to listen to your body and rest up, keep hydrated . I’ve been sick before but headed up to the gym anyway, convinced that i was just being a lazy little so and so.
    Look after yourself girl! And glad to hear you’re better xx

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