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Hello there humanoid person. Life is hard why not hack it? How can you simplify? Make your life smoother and creamier with no bitter aftertaste. I have spoken of my monk like dedication to routines and my whirlwind life of the same skirt, the same lunch and a similar episode of Midsomer Murders (it was the posh one who dunnit!) But there are some other things I do to try and maximise the positivity to an 11 (which is one louder).

 How do you want to feel? Danielle Laporte (all hail the high priestess) writes about tuning in and identifying your core desired feelings (3-6 of them) and living in ways that help you to feel them as often as possible. Mine are peaceful, abundant, joyful and free. If I want to feel peaceful- I can meditate or walk. Abundant-I can buy the large organic coconut yoghurt (eek the decadence). Joyful –cue a dance to 90’s R and B (it’s the remix to ignition…) Free-I can go for a swim or do other desired-feeling-cultivating activities. This way you feel good at every stage of your journey and not just when you reach the summit. It’s feeling based rather than goal based. What are your CDFs?

Like attracts Like: You are feeling things and sending out vibes all the time and these are attracting your experiences. This is the law of attraction. The universe, sends you things to match these vibes. It’s science guyz. So if you’re feeling a lack of money, you will get more lack. Damn! This is where the desired feelings can help you change your vibe. You can feel abundant rather than lacking via the afore mentioned coconut yoghurt and then you attract more abundance. The trick is feeling it and being grateful for it before you have it. Cue me kissing and thanking my poster of Ryan Gosling who always tells me “Hey Girl, you got this”. He’s so supportive.

You get gratitude: This comes up as an important thing to do time and time again for a reason; it works! Oprah says, ‘if you’re grateful for what you have, you’ll have more. If you’re not, you get less’. And as one of the richest and most powerful people in the world, she knows a thing or 2 about this. ‘You get gratitude! You get gratitude! Everyone here is going home with gratitude!’ You can tell a loved one or your cat, the 3 things you’re most grateful for each day or write it in your Dear Diary.

 Intention: Setting an intention in the morning can help set the tone for the day. “I flow through the day with peace and joy” is one I use regularly. I remind myself of this throughout the day and realign to it by taking a few deep breaths. This can be a guiding light and even if you fall off the peace and joy path, you can gently remind yourself to get back on.

By using your core desired feelings and intention as a guide, you can raise your vibes to glide through life with more purpose, grace and gratitude. What life hacks do you use weavers? Are they woo-woo like mine? Hot and fresh out the kitchen?

I’d love to hear from you.

Love and light and Oprah hugs for all xxx Yvette

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By weavethefuturemagical

Hi guyz! I’m Yvette. I love to write about all things Minimalism, Mindfulness and Melbourne. The woo-woo makes me go woo-hoo! Much love xoxo @ me at


  1. Another entertaining blog post Yvette! I like to make a list and tick it off- very olde fashioned approach to setting goals and focusing. All the best with your goals! Xx

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  2. I love this blog, it really made me smile, even in the first paragraph with the helllo there humanoid person and also a similar episode of Midsomer Murders and who dunnit! The opening greeting reminded us of someone who works in Astrobiology and Planetary Science and speaks regularly on our local radio commencing with his greeting hello earthlings!

    I also like the paragraph on Intention especially your tone for the day “I flow through the day with peace and joy”. I must remember that one. Keep up the great work Yvette, your writing is always very interesting. xxx

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