The man in the mirror

Perhaps the evil queen was onto something in Snow White when she looked into the mirror and asked, ”Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” While I don’t condone her evil ways, there is a power in speaking to yourself in the mirror, even if it’s not the kind that talks back.

Looking in the mirror and saying affirmations and giving yourself praise can have marked improvement on your sense of wellbeing and self-esteem. It may seem weird at first to say to yourself, ‘I love you’ or ‘you are the fairest of them all’. Louise Hay (RIP) called this mirror work and suggested doing the following ritual first thing in the morning (bed head and all). Go to your bathroom mirror. Look deeply into your eyes and say these affirmations: Good morning, [Name]. I love you. I really, really love you. There are great experiences coming our way today.

Jack Canfield suggests doing this mirror exercise every night for 40 nights. Stand in front of the mirror. Say your name. Appreciate yourself; your accomplishments, successes, risks taken, disciplines kept and temptations resisted. Say I love you to yourself and take a big breath. Jack says that after 40 days, you will notice amazing changes in your life.

I’m currently trying this and realise how rarely I look myself in the eye. And how even more rarely I look in the mirror without finding fault. My eyes are too crinkly, my mouth wonky, eyebrows too thin et al ad nauseam. Then trying to add appreciations on top of that is very foreign! Now and then though, my eyes are twinkling at me like I’m an old friend. Which I am. My oldest friend. Be kind friend.

Another mirror pick me up is my affirmation sticker from Go-to skincare. It says “Holy Sh*t! You look amazing!” which gives me a boost and a smile when I’m washing my hands or brushing my teeth. You can stick your own post-it pick-me-ups on your mirrors or just try taking a deep breath and smiling at your reflection whenever you have the chance. After all, as Jack points out, you must love yourself and make yourself happy before you can extend that love and happiness to others.

So make like Michael Jackson and sing (and perhaps moonwalk):

I’m starting with the man in the mirror
I’m asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the world a better place
Take a look at yourself, and then make a change

That change can be to look at yourself with love and know that even if Snow White’s alive you are still fairest of all.

Love and light and I’m gonna make a change, for once in my life xxx Yvette

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By weavethefuturemagical

Hi guyz! I’m Yvette. I love to write about all things Minimalism, Mindfulness and Melbourne. The woo-woo makes me go woo-hoo! Much love xoxo @ me at


  1. Another interesting and very different blog from Yvette. I didn’t know about mirror work although I had recently started smiling at myself in the mirror, after getting ready to go out, especially when I felt old and tired. it certainily worked for me. I like checking out the links that Yvette attaches to her blogs. I have had a quick look at Louise Hay and bookmarked it to look at again in the future. Looking forward to the next blog!!


    1. Thanks for reading. Mirror work is great and it always gives you a boost if you can smile at yourself. Glad you’ve found this too. The links should contain some interesting info. I appreciate you looking them up. Take care x Yvette


  2. Hi Yvette, yes a very foreign concept for us, this looking into the mirror, self appreciation business. (Maybe a hand-me-down from our British colonial roots?)I usually avoid mirrors, aside from the lift mirror in my block of flats, which is VERY flattering. Maybe it’s time to get out the Windex and APPRECIATE! Thanks for your wise words xx

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