The Simple Life

I watched the Bill Cunningham documentary the other night about the legendary fashion photographer and I was struck by the simplicity of his lifestyle especially when contrasted with the glamour of his career. He famously went everywhere on a bicycle, lived in a tiny studio at Carnegie Hall with a hallway bathroom and wore a blue French workman’s jacket every day. There’s something so inspiring about this frugal and simple lifestyle that allowed him to take jobs for their creative freedom without the financial constraints and devote his time to doing what he loved; photographing beautiful clothes.

While I appreciate my creature comforts of a bathroom and a car, I love the idea of making decisions from a place of creativity rather than a place of financial need. Bill was a true minimalist, he only kept things that were of value to him which meant his tiny place was filled with filing cabinets of negatives and fashion books and magazines. He wouldn’t accept so much as a glass of a water at the charity events he photographed for the social pages and tore up cheques from Conde Nast after they bought his beloved Details magazine and he lost full creative control.

I love this fierce integrity and commitment to the work. How can we bring a piece of Bill’s lifestyle into our own? Live simply; streamline your wardrobe and your furniture. Only keep things that are of value to you. Do work you love. Work with passion and integrity. It’s not about the money. Treat everyone equally. Bill photographed the models on the runaway, the celebrities at parties and everyone on the street. He was inspired by the style of people living their everyday lives. Find beauty in everything and as Bill said, ‘he who seeks beauty will find it’. RIP Bill, you remain a true inspiration and a beacon for the simple life.

Love and light and bicycles xxx Yvette


By weavethefuturemagical

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  1. Another interesting read. Bill Cunningham is certainly an interesting person. I would have loved to see the whole documentary however the link you provided took me to the documentary trailer. He looks like an amazing man. Love how he was so minimalist with his own clothing and the way he lived yet took photos of all the stars and beautiful clothing. You have prompted me to read more about him and his life. I like the fact that you include links in your blogs so we have the option to learn more. I wonder what you will blog about next time? Thank you.

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    1. Thank you! Yes Bill is fascinating and lived with the bare essentials but at the same time was in this world of high fashion. I try to provide links for some context and glad it’s helpful. He’s a very interesting and inspiring man. I’m happy you enjoyed reading this piece x


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