I spent 2 weeks off social media and survived! How did I do it? How did I find it? What have I learnt? What did I miss in the land of the Kardashians and cat videos? As part of my Yvette vs. the world challenges, a dear reader-thanks Melissa-suggested a social media break. At first it was quelle horreur! And then it was what the hell have I got to lose! I felt nervous deleting the apps from my phone. Bye Twitter! Adios Insta! Fare-thee-well Facebook! Some entries from my Dear Diary…

Day 1: Survived 1st day but I must admit it was strange not to see any of those red circles on my phone this morning. I still picked up my phone during the day but in the absence of facebook/ instagram/twitter I found myself looking at my weather app and refreshing my emails. After a movie, I turned on my phone to see all I’d missed and it was…nothing apparently. Feeling liberated but also like something’s missing. Will it get easier or harder….

Day 3: Seemed to have more time. Less anxious when I check phone as there’s nothing to like and no one that’s ‘liked’ me. Still strange in the mornings and checking email lots!

Day 4: Today I was reminded about the potential to harness the power of social media for good with the news of how the people of Manchester have reacted to the bombing by offering food, shelter and a safe place to meet to others using Facebook or have reached out to find loved ones or mark themselves as safe.

Day 6: Mind clearer (or could be the 2 coffees), enjoyed walking around the neighbourhood looking around (instead of looking down) and waiting in line people watching (rather than phone watching). Wondering what celebrities are up to and resisting urge to find celebs on Instagram whose shows I’m watching. Eg: Master of None-Aziz Ansari-Alessandra Mastronardi-and then going a-scrolling ad infinitum.

Day 9: Logged into watch 60 minutes on 9-now (yay Hamish and Andy) using Facebook profile and saw a brief glimpse of my home page with 63 notifications and 1 friend request. Ahhh!!! Feel anxious and curious about them as I like to ‘deal with’ notifications quickly and I love checking things off a to-do list. I’m comforted however that if it was anything urgent, I’d get a message or a text or email or call. I do miss seeing what my fave celebs are up to.

Day 11: Feeling virtuous but hope no-one thinks I’m ignoring their comments or their birthdays. Maybe when I go back on I’ll cleanse list-turn notifications off, leave groups.

Day 12: I must admit that my world does feel a bit smaller without seeing on what the rest of the world is up to. Facebook is a great way of connecting with a like minded community of people. My Aunt, who lives in country NSW, says it connects her with people passionate about the same things as her which she couldn’t find in a small town. I’m enjoying no notifications so think I’ll turn these off and streamline groups and pages I follow when I get back online.

Day 13: Feel I’m using time I have more efficiently without stopping to check my notifications every 2 minutes and disappearing down the rabbit hole of time suckage. But, I’m looking forward to going back online.

Day 14: Back online! Ahhh it looks different=software update! At least 1 missed birthday, sorry Liz! I turn off notifications and unfollow old pages and leave groups I’m not interested in and resolve to look up more. I post my blog and fight urge not to continually check phone-please like me!

Postscript: I am now checking my socials less frequently and for shorter spurts of time,  and aim to have one day digital free a week. But if bored I can easily go into scroll Zombie land so one must be vigilant and take in only things that uplift. I love you real and virtually! Let’s use the powers for good and not evil!

Love and light and likes xxx Yvette