I’ve been making changes in my life. Daily meditation and EFT. Soberness. Journalling and dreaming. One of my inspirers, Denise Duffield-Thomas, says about manifesting that, “you might as well throw everything at it” In that spirit this is what I’ve been doing lately.

Daily Meditation: Shuffling Gabrielle Bernstein’s meditation albums on Apple Music and doing the meditation track that comes on.

EFT: Recently discovered, “Tap with Brad”, on YouTube. Excited to discover, he is coming to Australia next year. I’ve been trying all different ones but enjoy “Amazing Day” in the morning and “Tapping for insomnia” in the evening. Bless Brad!

Soberness: This is an on-going challenge especially now the hibernating weather is coming to an end. I’ve been focusing on how much better I feel, the money saved, the lack of hang-overs, no blurry memories. Although there are many benefits, I’ve realised the tiredness, headaches and moods are not all alcohol related but just the flow of life. Clarity is good though and consistency. Almost 4 months done!

Journalling: Writing 3 goals morning and evening, thinking of 1 thing I’m grateful for and then 10 reasons why every couple of days. Reminding myself of my core desired feelings daily.

Inspirers; Denise Duffield-Thomas, Gabrielle Bernstein, Danielle LaPorte , Sonia Choquette, Ali Brown. These women inspire and encourage me. I love their authenticity and generosity.

These are some of things I’m throwing at my new life. I love it. I wonder what you’re doing lately ? xxx Yvette